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    Combat System?

    The best way to do what you're thinking of, in my opinion, would to be have the combat be somewhat puzzle based. Utilize the terrain, and items in your world to make this possible. You could also integrate classes and whatnot.   That said, leveling really is the core concept of most RPGs, it really helps the player feel like (s)he is getting stronger in the game.
  2. Shanks

    Regular Posting and a Kickstarter Project

    Good Guy Programmer16: Post Kickstarter project to help reach monetary goal isn't his project.
  3. Thanks Gaiiden! Posts like these make me remember why I love this site so much hehe
  4. no sir, but I do have gchat. got gmail/gchat?
  5. right on, got MSN or something?
  6. Not a whole lot man, just workin and keepin the hustle strong. how bout you?
  7. Shanks

    Hey hey

    @Weasalmongler Looks like a wordpress theme, possibly from ThemeForrest? Also a huge fan of Unity. Not using it on my current project, but the next one I begin will definitely be making use of Unity. Mind if I ask what scripting languages you're using and any corresponding tutorials/books?
  8. Thanks for the help!(Matty from #gamedev hehe)
  9. Shanks

    Getting hired as a game developer

    What would be your recommendation for one who would like to be on a professional level of game development? I've been programming for around 5 years(Started 8 years ago, took a three year break in between). I know several languages and have worked with several API's, however, I highly doubt I'd be able to cut the mustard on a team developing a AAA title. What would your advice been for one who is looking to get on that level?
  10. Shanks

    Countries with best food

    Real Mexican food is some of the best food I've ever tasted. When it's good, it's *great*! My first time eating real Mexican food literally brought tears to my eyes it was so good. Tex-mex is also something that I enjoy quite a bit. I wouldn't go there for the food alone, but Iranian beef Kebab is also an extremely wonderful dish. If I could have one that that I would eat on a daily basis, it would definitely be this. Also very fond of Korean food, particularly South Korea. It's very delicious, and they also have some very unique twists to Americanized food as well. Korean BBQ is something I've never been able to turn down the opportunity of eating, so hopefully that says something. I've never been to France, but I've got a few friends that have. They claim the food there is best they've ever eaten.
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