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    Char Question

    Very good explanation. By far, you're the best programmer I've seen.
  2. ((__int64)~((__int64)0))

    Char Question

    Hello, GameDev members. I have a question about chars. Why is const char* like a string? It's kind of weird, because the const keyword means it is constant, and cannot change, yet it can. If I char* to anything else, I get errored. Including wchar_t. Thanks you guys
  3. ((__int64)~((__int64)0))

    Starting Game Programming (DirectX)

    Thanks, for all of these resources. I have heard of that DX11 book, and I have done lesson one, and two, of that tutorial. The author of that book has a gamedev account, and I was the first one to comment on his profile. Once I get some money, I'll probably buy his book, and I'll start doing more lessons on that site. Thank you
  4. ((__int64)~((__int64)0))

    Starting Game Programming (DirectX)

    Well as far as dx11 books, I can't recommend any first hand. I've thus far not moved on to greener pastures, and am still playing with dx9 technology. However, I will highly recommend Jason Zink's book( whose title escapes me, atm....) I've not read it, but have good impressions on his hieroglyph project which is based on dx11, and which the book uses to explain dx11 features AFAIK. I can relate to your admission that you are an aural learner, and how it can be hard to move from your preferred modality, but persevere my friend, because 90 percent of what I've found valuable so far is articles, not video or audiobook. My only real piece of advice is to keep at it. [/quote] Thank you sir. I'm going to add this book to my e-book collection. If I ever finish reading it, I might update this thread with my status / satisfaction. And BTW, what is the difference between DirectX 9, and 10? Is there really that much of a difference? I always just thought they added more functions, and such. What do you recommend for DirectX 9 / 10?
  5. ((__int64)~((__int64)0))

    Best Way to Learn 3DS Max

    Hi, you guys. Basically, I need to know how to model stuff. I watched all of Bucky's tutorials on 3DS Max, and experimented with SuperFlow. I really had trouble with the one modeling tutorial on YouTube. I really don't care what method I use to learn, I just need to know how to model. I need like character, and stuff like that. I'm pretty good at terrain, from my newbie experience with Maya, from years ago. Thanks you guys
  6. ((__int64)~((__int64)0))

    Starting Game Programming (DirectX)

    Some background: Hi, you guys. I'm pretty good with C++, I guess. I started programming at fourteen, I'm now sixteen. I started with the basic VB6, then probably a little less than half a semester of school, I did C++. I did many programming languages, including: VB6/.NET, Java, PHP, C#, and C++. I found that my favorite of those are C++, and C# for RAD. When I was little, I always wanted to make my own games, or be a game programmer when I grew up. When I started programming, I actually didn't intend to make games at first, but for the last two weeks, or so, I have had a burning desire to make games. I tried OpenGL, and didn't get far at all, but then tried DirectX, which I like much more. I first tried some YouTube tutorials, which were a little weird, so I Googled some tutorials, which I found. They were very good. It was basically like having TheNewBoston explain it to you, mostly because of its easy diction, but it's only the bare basics. What I need help with: I basically, just need to know a good tutorial, or book, basically anything that I can use to learn DirectX. I have tried books, that are either mathematical for me, or just don't explain stuff well. The book "Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming" (Allen Sherrod / Wendy Jones), Is the book that is the best so far. It's pretty good, a little disorganized, but pretty good. I learn best from examples. That is probably the main thing that I look for in books. I also have a real real hard time with comprehension. When I get down to the end of the page, I sometimes just am like "what did I just read?". It's not just because I don't understand the programming, because if it's read out loud, I understand it fine. Sorry I got a little off topic, lol. Basically, what I need help with: I need your opinion on the best programming book for DirectX. Preferably 10, or 11. Something that is easy for beginners. I work best with examples.
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