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  1. My camera is looking at the player. I calculate the inverse of the camera matrix and multiply that by my input vector to get world space movement vector. My input vector is to move right. The player moves right relative to the camera. My camera's new look at position is the new player's position. I don't want to move the position of my camera because the player is only moving right. The camera should theoretically just be rotating. If the input is kept moving right, the camera position shouldn't be moving at all, just rotating in a circle and the player is also moving in a circle. Right? If you look at the movement from Mario or Zelda, you can make them move in a circle just by holding left/right on the analog stick. The camera doesn't move. In your equations, you are moving the camera position to maintain the radius, thus the camera does not stay stationary. Am I understanding this correctly?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to implement a camera-character movement similar to Mario and Zelda, where your camera tracks the character when they move left or right, but moves forward and backwards with character motion. The problem I'm having is if I keep the character moving left or right, the character doesn't exactly keep a perfect circle. It would eventually spiral away from the camera. I am applying a velocity to my character along the x-axis of the current camera axis (camera relative x-axis). This seems like instability similar to using euler equations to do numerical integration. Anyway, can someone give me pointers on how I can fix this or get a similar treatment like how Mario or Zelda do their character-camera system? I just want my character to move in a circle while the camera is tracking it. Thanks.
  3. Digi123

    Camera level design help

    That is something I was considering too. The one thing I can't figure out is how to transition from a camera that is following you to the next camera and back. Some ow you need the next camera position close to your current position, going back and forth between volumes.
  4. Digi123

    Camera level design help

    Hey, thanks for your responses. I was thinking more along the following in the "Making of God of War 3 Bonus Feature - Camera Design" @ 2.57 time. As you watch, notice how they set up camera volumes and different cameras within the same level. What do you guys think? I'm so fascinated about camera design but there just aren't a lot of resources on this topic especially the technical implementation of them.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if someone can give me some guidance or tips about a camera feature I want to implement. Take for example Mario Galaxy 2, the camera tracks Mario. Occasionally, when you run around the world, the camera would automatically rotate to another angle to give better visibility. How would you implement that? Would you have multiple cameras in your level with trigger volumes to determine the camera view? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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