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  1. I really, really, really suck at working with graphics, I just don't have that skillset... And I can't afford to pay someone to do it for me nor do I know anyone who could help me out.   So, is there a place where I can go and download 3D textures for an isometric browser game? For free or really cheap, considering my finances.   If there isn't, tell me so too!
  2. I want to build an isometric online game for a browser. What tools should I look into to make it easier? I actually have never looked into browser games, I only worked with C languages and some engines. I'd prefer a tool for this however. What would you recommend? Preferably free, but not necessarily.
  3. @stevo58 Thank you, I will definitely consider contacting you if I'll choose SDL to work with.
  4. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out! When I was a kid, my dream was to make an isometric RPG, but as I looked into actual programming, a side-scroller seems like a solid starting point instead. I do understand the concept, I could tell you how it works step-by-step, what's used and how, the thing I cannot tell you is the code. So no offense, but starting with an engine for me is irrational. Building an engine is good if you are bad at understanding the theory and/or analyzing it in-depth. I see. Well prototype isn't useful (no offense), but thanks for the link. I'll follow your progress. ;)
  5. Well I don't need shaders, I'm not looking to create a game of high-end graphics. I'm looking to create a game that looks like it has been created in '91, they don't have shaders and possibly other features that you needed for your project. I've mentioned Pascal because I had to work with it at school. It was absolute horror! The primitive way how it works... Horrible experience. So in short, that's unrelated to my own choices, it was an enforced enforced by school, I will never lay my hands on it again. However that is true, I'm not very experienced programmer in general, I am good with the logic, but writing it down is hard for me. I do understand that I'm not experienced, however when I work on something, I always do my best and then some, I never leave it half-way. I've seen many projects and (no offense), but most of them are horrible. I think the commercial way is the way to go for me, due to the lack of money mentioned in real life. But as the first project, I don't think writing an engine is the right way to go, it is a lot of work and has a great potential for a lot of bugs and inefficiency compared to what's already written and is proven to work.
  6. As I've stated in the OP, I'm not looking for a 2.5D engine. As for using a 3D engine for a 2D game, it is counter-productive and overly-complicated, often it's also a overkill for the end product as well. Interesting, I'll have to take a look at Allegro and SDL. However, I am against C code, when there's C++, up-to-date is my preference, and often is more productive and has better performance. I can't comment ont his particular situation though, as I don't have enough knowledge about it. But anyway, as far as I know (now), SDL offers various plugins, maybe even those that I need - entities, physics, sprites, tilemaps, etc., while Allegro doesn't, in which case, SDL has a huge upside over Allegro for me.
  7. I find the entity (bullets, etc.) system rather difficult, and pixel-perfect collision (which I assume I'd have to use for ramps) immensely difficult. I remember struggling a lot with them. A lot! Anyway, I also remember shaking SDL, as I remember that it wasn't updated for a long time, and is half C, half C++. I would appreciate if you'd send me the source code of your platformer though, I guess we should take this to PMs? Be afraid? I'm not afraid, I don't have the money! I couldn't even afford to fix my PC until recently! Allegro's free and it offers only outdated C code as a graphics wrapper. Source Engine is 3D.
  8. First, some background: I have average understanding of C++ and I've managed to code a few simple programs, however never made a game. Maybe I would've if my PC wouldn't have broken down, I didn't have enough money to replace it for a long time. by that said, I strongly prefer C++ over any other mean of coding, I find the language significantly more comfortable to use compared to anything else I've seen (Javascript, Java, Pascal to be precise). I'm creating a new topic because I want up-to-date information. Project description: my project is somewhat similar to Sonic, Dangerous Dave, Megaman, Mario graphics-wise. I can do without pixel-perfect collision, however I do ramps and "divided" tiles in the tilemap. The game is obviously 2D (NOT 2.5D!), there's gonna be shooting, interacting, weapons, etc.. What I'm looking for: I need the engine to come with object and event manager (call a sprite (bullet?), destroy a sprite on events, etc.), integrated physics, graphics and sound management, and the regular features, like time manager, text, input, animations, etc.. Preferably with at least some basic A.I. too, but not necessary. Some basic LUA integration may be useful too, but it's definitely unnecessary. P.S. I'm not looking for 10 different engines that I'd have to tie into one myself (graphics, zip, sound, physics, etc.), I'm looking for one solid product that I could use. I'm also not looking for paid engines, I'm looking for a free engine that would allow me to release commercial products. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  9. I've a code that creates a new mask bool for each loaded texture, however I've no idea where to go next. Logically I should return a variable, however I've no idea what and how to return. I used this article to do it, thank you Evil Steve! I didn't want to revive a thread from 2 years ago, so I created a new one.
  10. I was wondering, what collision method do people use nowadays on sidescrolling platformers? Is it pixel-perfect or rectangle box?
  11. Sorry for the late reply, but I had some trouble with my machine. Yesterday it started to work again. Anyway, I have combined the code with my code and the drawing works, however I am unable to grasp the concept of the collision detection. I can detect collision perfectly between sprites but not between map tiles and character sprites. I have tried the following: void collision() { for (int y=0;y<mapy;y++) { for (int x=0;x<mapx;x++) { mapxx = x * 32; mapyy = y * 32; int frame = tilemap[y][x]; charx = character->getX(); chary = character->getY(); int colfrm = tilemap[chary / 32][charx / 32]; if (colfrm>0]) { col = 1; } else col = 0; } } } My collision detection for sprites is very easy however: "if (x == y) {}" that simply means that they collide, and in the brackets I can insert whatever code I want on the occasion IF they collide. I've tried to transform each map tile into a sprite, but I think that would be very slow, memory consuming and all that. Thank you!
  12. Beren77, that sounds great! I am at friend's at the moment, so cannot check the code, but could you also give me a small code snippet? I've tried to write the code but it failed... Maybe because of the way I define the tilemap: "int MAPDATA[MAPWIDTH*MAPHEIGHT]", although I think it was a general failure in fully understanding the concept. P.S. Could you give me a link to your game? I'd like to see what you're creating.
  13. GamDev

    DirectX game engine

    NightCreature, I don't have a Dx11 compatible video card, so this isn't possible for me. Thanks for the advice though. yckx, in fact I have created a few games using these libraries, and that is why I dismissed them: they had numerous bugs and "go-arounds". I was constantly seeking help in their forums, using the search function and then re-writing a big part of my code because I had to use a go-around. That is why I want to learn DirectX and C++ and create my own engine, so I wouldn't need to use these go-arounds. If you are interested, these games were tic-tac-toe, tetris clone, space shooter, pong and arkanoid clones. I didn't finish Arkanoid though, the go-arounds pissed me off so hard at that point, that I deleted the library and started learning winapi, now going to the world of DirectX.
  14. I'm drawing a scrolling background from tiles. And I am looking how to do this (image would explain more than I can, I guess): http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/687/unled1oav.jpg/
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