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  1. hi all, i'm building an android game currently. I know the method of tiling a map, drawing it, drawing the player, etc. all separately, but I'm having trouble figuring out where to put it all together. I mean obviously I have my draw method within the main class, but do I just draw everything at once there? and how do I go about doing that? should I just have a draw method in every drawable class and call it within my main draw method? or is there a different technique?
  2. Another day today at my friends house with a lot to do other than work on the game - but as per usual, I did toy with the sprites when I had the chance. I worked on the walking frame today, and I finally found one I think I like. I want to piece these all together and get them animated and walking around my tilemap before I decide whether I like them or not, but that'll have to wait until I'm back home with a lot of time to work on it. Anyway, here's the walking frame. I'll probably just do a horizontal flip for the left side as I don't see much need in a seperate frame for something that doesn't really need to look different. Comments and criticisms welcome, this is my first attempt at spriting and is just a sample. I don't intend on having the same hair/clothes/etc.
  3. KruSuPhy

    Sprite updates.

    Haven't had much time to actually do any programming, but I did work on a the standing-right sprite frame. I don't know if I like it yet and I'm definitely going to work on it a little before I say that I've got a sprite I'm happy with, but it's definitely a start. That's about the only progress I've got, I've actually been working on the sprite a little bit in between games of league - I'm at a buddies house. Anyway, here's the mostly-uncolored sprite(I filled in the head just to see how it looked before the screenshot) and here's a sprite example where I tried to do some hair. I also discovered, upon looking at the screenshot, that the left hand kinda looks like a dick. so i'll probably be removing that. the perspective of the sprite also feels kinda wonky, so I may have to fix that.
  4. Hi all, I'm working on building my first ever game from scratch. It's a 2D top-down RPG. I'd like to take a second to note that this game isn't intended to be sold or anything, I am purely making it for fun and learning, so yes, I am sure that I want to build it from scratch. Using other learning resources, I now have a working scrolling tilemap, and have written I/O Handling and Input Handling. My next concern is rendering all of the graphics for my game - I've seen somewhere that having a lot of SpriteBatches can be a big performance hit, so I'd like to avoid that. This means having a Rendering class that does it for all of my objects, rather than rendering each item separately in their own class methods(if i'm not mistaken). My question to you guys is, how do you structure this class and what is the "best" way to do it? should I just include four methods(Load/Unload/Update/Draw), or is there more to it that I need to know to do it?   EDIT: by the way, sorry if i sound clueless. I kinda am. I have a decent amount of experience writing game logic, but when it comes to the behind-the-scenes stuff, i can get kinda lost. I know how to program it so that everything loads and draws its images on its own, but creating a class to handle it all for me seems a bit different and I'm not sure how to go about it.
  5. KruSuPhy

    Spriting Update - Possible sprite frame

    Hey, thanks for your input! You're right about the front-view sprites, I just need to actually implement the player character into my engine and see whether I like the way it looks walking around.. I haven't decided yet whether I like the way my sprite looks or I want to try and give it a bit more of an angled look yet.
  6. So, I'm still awake. Been toying around in GraphicsGale a little bit, trying to make a decent sprite outline that I want to use. This is what I currently have made: I like the head, for sure, but I haven't decided about the torso yet. I think I may make it a bit thinner, but I haven't yet decided. Other than that, I kinda like what I have so far. This is a sample sprite that I colored, but it kinda sucks; My biggest problem with the sprites are that I don't quite understand how to make the top-down perspective look right. Of course, it's not directly down, but more at a ~45 degree angle from the ground, otherwise you'd just see the top of the head. But shading/creating the sprites in a way that gives the illusion of a ~45 degree angle is something i'm not experienced with. the only thing I can think of to do it more shading at the bottom than the top, but i'm not sure if that's going to work, either. I don't know, I'll give it another shot tomorrow.
  7. KruSuPhy

    File I/O - Saving/Loading maps

    So, I spent most of the day out of the house(well, I slept until 3:30 PM and then left around 4:30, then returned home around ~1:30am.) Anyway, I put in a little work today. I tried working on sprites for a little while, but couldn't come up with anything I liked, so no progress there. However, my maps are now saving and loading correctly. I'm currently using text files, though I'd like to switch to binary sometime soon. I attempted using binary files from the beginning, but after mucking around for a while trying(unsuccessfully) to figure out why I was getting an end of stream error, I just switched to text files and it worked perfectly. Must have been something I was missing. Anyway, it's working now. That's probably all that I'll get done tonight, I just wanted to be able to say I made some progress today even though I've been busy. Tomorrow, I'll probably work actually making the engine use multiple maps, rather than loading 1 map on each run. I'll make changing maps a thing, and other than that I'll probably start working on a tileset or try making some more player/mob sprites. Anyway, that's all for today!
  8. KruSuPhy

    Scrolling map!

    Alright, this isn't much of an accomplishment, and it kinda feels like a ripoff since the code basically all came from XNA Resources with a couple minor tweaks to make the code feel cleaner, but it's still something! The TileMap is now working, and it also scrolls(which is a feature I wasn't even planning on using, but since XNA Resources had the tutorial for it, I figured why the hell not?) The tileset is a couple crudely drawn tiles I threw together really quick just to have something to use. The nifty thing about the code on XNA Resources is that it automatically draws the first tile(the grass one) if there isn't another one set for the cell, which is another thing that I didn't think about. Shout out to Eck on the forums for pointing me to these tutorials. I'm gonna spend a while studying this technique so that I understand and next time, I'll be able to do it myself and maybe even improve on it if there's a better way. Tomorrow, I'm going to add my I/O class and start working on saving maps into external files. I wonder what file format to use... Anyway, here's a shitty gif(gyazo!) of the scrolling tile map in action.
  9. KruSuPhy

    Small beginnings!

    Alright, so this is my first journal entry. Let it be known that I am a newbie! Maybe if I keep up with this, one day down the road I'll be able to look back and say, "Wow, I really used to suck at this!" But everyone has to start somewhere, I guess. I started with Mirage Source(http://www.key2heaven.net/ms/) and VB6, which led to me thinking I knew how to program, when really it felt a lot more like scripting than anything else. See, now, scripting is easy! But now that I'm neck-deep in actually trying to program a game from scratch, turns out it's not as easy as I thought it was back in the day. But I digress. Today's entry is to show off my first ever sprite! I am, by no means, a pixel artist, or an 'anything' artist. I used to draw a little bit, and I love to use a pottery wheel, but this is a different experience. This isn't a sprite that will probably be used for anything, but I'm proud of the work that I did, because shading is scary, and I'm awful with the anatomy of a human body. But, without further ado: I call him... beach man (.png)! sure, he kinda sucks. but remember! it's my first ever! I hope to improve. And if I don't... well, let's just say my games are gonna have some shitty art until I find someone else to do it.
  10. Hey, thanks! I'd checked out R.B. Whitaker's monogame stuff, but I actually hadn't seen the XNA section, which seems to have a lot more content. I hadn't found XNAresources, so also thanks for that!
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to use monogame to make a 2D top-down tile-based RPG. Quick intro, I've had experience writing game logic and the like, but I've never actually built a game from scratch and that's what I'm intending to do. I'm not looking to make the next big game, this is instead a chance to learn and improve myself as a programmer, working towards my dream job of actually developing the next big game. I know that maybe I should be trying to learn 3D or something, but I've always enjoyed playing the indie 2D ORPGS. I spent a lot of time as a kid playing Mirage Source(http://www.key2heaven.net/ms) games and developing my own in my spare time. It was a great learning experience on general programming knowledge and also the horrid, deprecated language known as VB6. Since then, I've learned a fair amount of C# and learned my way decently around OOP.   After studying monogame for a while, I'm now semi-confident(i'm sure I'll be back with more questions) that I'm able to do the programming required to work on the project.   However, to the real problem, I've been looking at tutorials for XNA/MonoGame/etc. for developing 2D games, but a lot of them seem old and perhaps out of date. I've been able to develop small platformers and such with basic physics and collision detection, but when it comes to making something like a whole tile-based RPG, I'm not sure of how the architecture lays out. I know that it takes Rendering, I/O, Input Handling, etc. but I'm lost when it comes to putting it all together and I know that there are missing pieces. I have searched google to no avail for information on the problem and was wondering if you guys have any nifty sites or tutorials, or simply a flowchart that would explain the hierarchy/architecture/whatever-word-is-more-appropriate used in developing the engine?    Thanks in advance, and be gentle, I'm still a newbie.
  12. KruSuPhy

    [C#] Is MonoGame good for Windows 8?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, and sorry it took me a couple days to check the thread - we had a storm hit and knocked out the internet in my entire town til about 3 AM this morning and I'm just now getting home to get online.   I am using this project as a learning experience that one day may turn into a game that is worth being sold, but currently I'm just interested in developing skills that I need to be able to successfully make a good game.   However, using Unity isn't out of the question. If it's really just not worth my time to learn the things needed for making an entire engine when I could just use Unity, by all means, I'd rather not waste my time. But is it standard for everyone to just use an engine to make their games these days, or are people writing their own games from the ground up?    Also, thanks for the responses on Mono actually working on Win8. I don't care about the Windows Store apps, really. All I ever use is the desktop part of this OS anyway. hahaha.
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to get back into game development(I used to make 2D games using VB6. *shudder*) I've been fooling around with Unity but I decided I'd sorta just rather make my own project being as I'm more interested in 2D than 3D. Unity seems a bit more geared towards making 3D and just a little too fancy for what I'm looking for, plus, what's the fun in making a game if all you get to code is some scripts?   Anyway, to the point, everywhere I look on the internet says that the c# graphics class(es) isn't/aren't really good for making games, and that I should instead use XNA(which I have discovered is actually dead) or MonoGame. So, looking up on MonoGame, it seems like it's got a pretty good reputation, but I've seen in a couple places that it has some issues with Windows 8 and I'm just wondering whether that's a thing of a past release that I don't have to worry about, or if I'm going to be running into problems. I'm currently using Visual Studio 2012 Express.   Also, one more question, and this is just out of personal preference from my VB6 days, but is MonoGame good for Windows Forms projects or will I have to use an Empty Project or whatever other options there are?   Take into consideration that I may sound completely clueless here, and that's because I am. I'm just looking for a good way to start off, and learning as I go has always been my favorite way to go, so I'm just trying to figure out what I should be using and doing to jump straight into learning as I go.   EDIT: just found on msdn.com or whatever that Windows 8/8.1 is indeed supported by MonoGame now, but my question still stands: are there hiccups with it? I'm just worried after reading from a couple different sources that people had to find workarounds to get Mono to work for them.
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