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    ?Super Ubie Land Soundtrack Release?

      Thank you GroovyOne! I asked Surasshu and Aivi Tran whether they'd be interested in doing a remix and they created that absolutely gorgeous remix of 'Cloudy Forest'! I had no hand in it :~)
  2. ?It's finished! It's really finished!?   Woohoo! It's been about a year of work but it's finally been finished! I'm so so happy to be releasing the soundtrack and I hope ya all enjoy it!   FEATURING:   • OVER AN HOUR OF HAPPINESS IN .WAV FORMAT! • Amazing remixes from aivi & surasshu, HyperDuck SoundWorks, Blitz Lunar, Zackery Wilson and Saint Pepsi! • 5 piano arrangement sheets included with download!     STREAM/DOWNLOAD FROM BANDCAMP OR LOUDR   This is probably the biggest thing I've ever made and I'm dreadfully proud of it. I'd love to hear feedback from people!   p.s. you can also buy the game/play the demo here
  3. Hi Johnny!
    Yes, i'm a student at sussex in my final year!
    Haha, yes "networking" sounds like something I really ought to do.
    After graduating i'll be hassling all of the games companies in the local area, perhaps you have some experience of that already?
  4. Hi Calum - I noticed in your portfolio you have Brighton Uni in your credits. Do you live down in Brighton? If so, me too! Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up at any point and "networking" (i.e. drinking).
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