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    Indie Game websites

    But depending on the game, their web presence might be far more important than a non-tech company.  Games need to have a "cool" factor that a non-tech company doesn't have to worry about.
  2. worldalpha

    Which game market for a small team

    They might be booming but so is the competition.  This is a couple years old, but I think it is only getting worse.  50% of iOS games make $3K or less total.  Lifetime.   http://www.tuaw.com/2011/09/29/ios-game-revenue-survey-50-of-app-store-games-make-less-than/
  3. worldalpha

    Indie Game websites

      There are thousands of companies out there offering web development services and company/product presentation websites are a pretty common service offered.   Yes, I realize that, but why do so many indies not have good sites?  A lot of web dev have niches.  I'm wondering if there are any that specialize in gaming sites.
  4. worldalpha

    Indie Game websites

    Taking a look at a lot of indie games, the think I notice that quite a number of them are pretty poor quality.  Which I think is unfortunate because I know the average Internet user judges the site, and therefore the game in probably less than 15 seconds.  So, a good game with a poor site, could really hurt chances of success.   I am wondering are there companies out there that specialize in creating websites for Indies?  Should this be a service that some companies should consider offering indies?
  5. I'm looking to add some sort of Offer Wall to my game and I have come across Super Rewards. http://www.superrewards.com/ I didn't have much like trying to find some dev reviews on them. Has anyone here used them for either their Offer Wall or Payment Processing? I'd love to hear what you thought of the service. Anybody know of any other Offer Wall type service for a F2P game with virtual currency? Let me know.  
  6. Well with the approaching release of my game WorldAlpha.  I'm wondering about Gaming conferences in Canada.  There are obvious ones like E3, GDC, Pax in the States, but what about Canada?  I was part of Digifest the past 2 falls, but that is about it.  Anybody have any suggestions?  GTA area preferably.
  7. worldalpha

    Microfunding - A new model?

      It is centralized, and it allows for very small donations as well as bigger ones.  It also allows for concepts or pre-alpha stage games to get some community behind it.
  8. worldalpha

    Microfunding - A new model?

      Lets try to explain again.  A gamer would say contribute $10 to the microfund, and gets say 100 coins ($0.10 per coin).  He then goes through and sees different projects some he gives 1 coin to others, he gives 20 coins to.  Some would have perks, if you contribute 50 coins, you get into beta, etc.   So, yes the transaction fee would have to be considered on $10, but not on the individual coin contributions.   In regards to amounts raising, yes, it could take a lot, but as you mentioned Humble Bundles (for finished games) has raised millions at $5 averages for 5 games.  So, if scaled, this could raise significant money.
  9. My Game WorldAlpha Well, I am in the process of completing my social strategy MMO WorldAlpha.  It has been quite the ride.  One of the biggest questions I've had is will people be willing to pay for this. So, I did the things other devs do, and started an IndieGoGo fund, as KS doesn't work here in Canada.  It was mildly success with 44 contributions totaling $1,781. I've also just recently started to sell Founder's Packs at my site, in just a couple of weeks, I've had 5 contributors for $150.   Microfund idea So, it is a beginning, but really as I have been in development for over a year, I wish there would have been an opportunity to crowdfund over the whole time, as well as build a bit more of a community that has shown support by funding it, even small amounts.   That's why I came up with a funding model that I don't think exists.  An ability for devs to crowdfund throughout their whole dev cycle, and the ability for gamers to fund even small amounts of money if they like a game.   Steam Greenlight is a good way to get infront of gamers, but doesn't give gamers a chance to fund it. Kickstarters and other sites allow a short time of crowdfunding, and requires funding of $5+ (I know there are some $1 levels, but that isn't typical)   Surely, there is a mix where indie gamers purchase microfund “coins” and give them out to lots of small projects that they are interested. Devs get invested gamers and funding, and gamers get a chance to get behind lots of games that interest them.   Here are some advantages I see:   Developer Advantages   Ongoing - Unlike other crowdfunding that have specific timelines, we want to provide an ongoing presence during the life of development, so people can contribute as momentum builds.   Worldwide - This service will not be limited by geography, so any developer will be able to microfund.   Community Building - Unlike set timeframes for community building in other crowdfunding options, this will allow a continuous presence that will allow you to continue to crowdfund and community build on an ongoing basis.   Microfunding - Most crowdfunding starts at $5 or $10, which can be a barrier, this will let lots of gamers fund as small at $0.10.  Sort of like the "bundle" ideas where a lot of people funding a small amount can raise big time money.   Gamer Focused - Most crowdfunding happens on a much broader site with much more than just gaming, this will focus purely on indie games.  All types of games from Flash games, Browser games, Mobile, iOS, client games, and much more    Gamer Advantages   Accountablity - Gamers can choose to have funds held until developer has created a playable demo or beta release, or they can also choose to have it released immediately.   Microfunding - With the ability to fund as little at $0.10, gamers can get behind many projects with just a $5 or $10 contribution.   Anonymous - Gamers can choose to fund a campaign truly anonymously with no email or contact given to developer if desired.   So what are your thoughts?  Would this be of interest to you as a developer?  Before I go down this path, I need to get an idea if indies would support something like this.
  10.   They're called "publishers."  I've never heard of a company that just marketed games.  You listed more than just marketing:       I say again: "publisher."   Sure if a publisher wants to pick up your game great.  But what if no publishers wants to pick up a small indie game?  Surely there is some sort of middle ground, where an indie is willing to pay to help promote their game, to a point where maybe a publisher would take notice and pick it up.
  11. As I have been developing my game WorldAlpha I have come to realize there is a lot to do to market my game effectively.  Coming from a web marketing background, I have been mildly successful.  That being said, I looked early, and continue to look to see if there are marketing firms out there that specialize in helping indie devs.  Not a huge Marketing PR firm, but rather one that would help with the nuts and bolts of creating an effective website, using social media, finding beta testers, giving out beta keys, as well as creating buzz about the game.  So, far I haven't really come across one.  Here are my questions.   1.) Does this company exist?  If so what is its website? 2.) Would you as a game developer use this type of service if one existed? 3.) Would you pay a decent amount for this kind of service? (Kind of subjective, but I'm getting a feel if indie devs would expect this type of stuff for "next-to" free or would be willing to pay a decent monthly for it!)   Look forward to the answers.    
  12. Well after almost 2 years of working on it, more seriously the last year, I'm into my second round of closed beta for my social strategy MMO WorldAlpha. I have a closed beta coming up this weekend, Dec. 6 to 9 and I'm looking for some good testers to go through my game and give feedback. If you are interested, you can get your beta key here: http://worldalphabeta2a.reachgeneration.com/ More information on WorldAlpha can be found here: http://www.worldalpha.com Please check it out and let me know what you think!
  13. Closed Beta #1 is a Success Well, the days coming up to last weekend's Closed Beta were a little nerve wracking as we put in long hours, to get as much functionality in the game as possible for the first closed beta. Ideally, all the elements would have been there and just needed tweaking, but as a small indie team, there was still a lot that was missing, and we rushed the code to get it into closed beta. Well Thursday morning rolled around, and though feeling a little unprepared, we opened the gates, and let the beta testers in. I tracked the concurrent users, and it reached 64 in the first hour. The server held up great, and the survey showed it wasn't slow by any means. It was clear though as people started to Report Bugs, that we had left a few things unchecked. The day before we has wiped clean the databases and set them up for a "clean" first world. We missed a couple of things, which created bugs, like workers in a couple types of jobs not getting paid. Oops. The economy module went fairly well, but it still needs improvement in simplifying it. The politics module had a few glitches, but heads of governments and officials were elected, some constitutions were drawn up, and laws were passed. There were even a couple of passed impeachments over the weekend. The military module based on how the game works, took until Saturday morning to be tested. Well, unfortunately this was the most glitched module, with a few things breaking, including the humorous one of putting units in the middle of the ocean. Some but not all were looked at by end of the weekend. So, by the end of the weekend 366 beta testers came through out of the 1,000 beta keys that were handed out. A little surprising, I wouldn't have thought 63% of people who would grab keys just wouldn't show up. Overall we had over 280 bugs/suggestions reported over the weekend, which is fantastic. With duplicates removed, and quick bugs fixed, it left us with about 150 bugs/suggestions to fix after the weekend. We sent out a survey to the 366, and here is some of the breakdown: 86% of respondents found the game was enjoyable. (Gave it a 3 out of 5 or higher.) 89% of respondents like the graphics (Gave it a 3 out of 5 or higher.) 87% of respondents enjoyed the Economy Module (Gave it a 3 out of 5 or higher.) 77% of respondents, who tried Politics Module enjoyed it (Gave it a 3 out of 5 or higher.) 85% of respondents, who tried Military Module enjoyed it (Gave it a 3 out of 5 or higher.) So, with approval ratings in the 70s and 80s, I was very happy with how the first beta went. I realize there is still a lot of work to do. I asked in the survey how the excitement for the game was before and after playing, and for 47% of respondents it had actually dropped after playing. We will strive to do better. IndieGoGo in the final hours Well the month of raising money at IndieGoGo is over on Monday at midnight. It has been a fun ride seeing those excited about WorldAlpha pledging money towards the campaign. In the end all of the money will be used to raise our marketing budget to get more gamers playing. With IndieGoGo you can have a flexible funding campaign, meaning we will end up with whatever the campaign is funded, less slightly higher fees. Right now it stands at $1,593. The perks being offered are awesome, and those who have funded the campaign will definitely benefit when the game begins. So, if you are considering funding there is just slightly over a day left to contribute. We thank all 38 funders thus far (2 of them even gave twice). It really is fantastic to see the growing excitement for our project. If you can contribute great, if not please let others know about WorldAlpha. http://www.indiegogo.com/worldalpha/x/349455 Closed Beta #2 starts December 6[sup]th[/sup] Well our second closed beta is coming up this Thursday, December 6[sup]th[/sup] at 10am Eastern, and will run until Monday, December 10 at 10am. We will be handing out 2,000 beta keys this time, and hope to get at least 1,000 players into the game. We are actually going to let our faithful DevBlog readers have the first crack at beta keys. Here is where you can sign-up: http://worldalphabeta2a.reachgeneration.com/ WorldAlpha Story 3. Rifle This WorldAlpha Story continues with another segment: Warrant Officer Kyle Mendall is in big trouble. Tasked with a daily inventory of the AlphaOne's small weapons cache, he is aware of a missing sniper rifle. Discovering who stole it is no longer the issue. Keeping its status as "missing and unlikely to be recovered" a secret from his superior officer is the real challenge... http://www.worldalpha.com/devblog/worldalpha-story-3-rifle Citizen of the Week This Citizen of the Week award this week goes to Woshie for this creation of the Earth Galactic Empire website http://ege-wa.enjin.com/ as well as promoting it through IRC. Congrats Woshie. You'll get 1,000 EarthBucks for your efforts when the game is released.
  14. IndieGoGo Well today we started our IndieGoGo campaign. Unlike many other IndieGoGo and Kickstarter campaigns that raise funds to create or complete a game, WorldAlpha will be completed without any additional funding. What our campaign is about is allowing you, our early fans, to get great rewards when we launch our game in March 2013. It will raise funds to increase our ad budget so that we can get more gamers playing WorldAlpha, and make it a more enjoyable experience for all. We also have stretch goals that will see WorldAlpha translated into a number of different languages. So, if you want to see WorldAlpha translated into your language, this would be a great reason to donate. To donate or see more about our campaign go to: http://www.indiegogo.com/worldalpha?a=349455 I realize that not everyone can donate to the campaign, but everyone can help out by getting the word out regarding WorldAlpha, and the IndieGoGo campaign. So, get onto forums, irc, reddit, gaming sites, and similar avenues, and talk it up. Please though don't spam people, but if you can mention it online or to family and friends please do. I want to give a big thank you to anyone who is able to contribute, and also to all who let others know about WorldAlpha. Alpha #3 Our 3[sup]rd[/sup] and final alpha is happening this Friday, November 9[sup]th[/sup] to Sunday, November 11[sup]th[/sup]. This is going out to some select individuals and to everyone that supports the IndieGoGo campaign at the Bronze Level and above. To assure yourself a spot you need to contribute on, or before November 8[sup]th[/sup]. We look forward to getting the feedback from our Alpha testers regarding the economy, politics and military modules as well get ready for closed beta later this month. Closed Beta Keys A lot of people have been asking when is closed beta, and how can we be a part of it. As mentioned a few weeks ago, our first closed beta will be November 22 to 26. Currently we have over 8,000 people who have signed up to take part in Beta. For this first beta we are going to limit it to around 1,000 beta keys that WorldAlpha is going to hand out. (We may also have some other sites hand out keys.) Everyone will be mailed around November 13[sup]th[/sup]. We will also starting this week hand out some beta keys on Twitter and Facebook so if you want an early copy be sure to sign up there. Finally, to secure beta keys for all of our closed betas, all you have to do is support our IndieGoGo campaign. Everyone who supports it will be given beta keys for all closed betas. So, if you want to secure your spot, please consider a donation. Thanks. Citizen of the Week Congratulations to Sani for being our Citizen of the Week for his really cool WorldAlpha country site http://eagle-nation.webs.com/ Sani will get $10 worth of EarthBucks once the game begins. I look forward to seeing what creative ways Citizens will think of promoting WorldAlpha and our IndieGoGo campaign this week.
  15. One Year Anniversary Well, it was 1 year ago today that I this website WorldAlpha.com was started. It seemed early to a lot of people, but it proved to be a real crystallizer in terms of helping me think through the project, and making it a reality. I have enjoyed writing DevBlogs and getting people's responses to the game, and hearing input from the community. In the past year over 8,000 people have signed up to be beta testers. A big thank you to all who have participated in the development of the game, and to the many more that will help beta test in the come weeks. Types of Government Well, we have finally confirmed the initial types of government that will be available in the game. There are as follows. Anarchy - No Leaders Democracy (Representative) - People select representatives Gerontocracy - Oldest people rule Meritocracy - Those with highest political power rule Plutocrarcy - Those with the most money rule Stratocracy - Military leader rule Aristocracy - Rule by the best (highest experience) Not on the list initially, but ones that we hope to add sooner than later are Direct Democracy where everyone votes for everything and Autocracy or Dictatorship. Next week we'll let you know what a constitution will look like. Alpha #2 This weekend beta testers having been testing out both the economy and the politics module and giving their feedback and letting us know about bugs. We have look forward to having hopefully a hundred or participate in the next alpha as we test out all three main modules including the military. Citizen of the Week The citizen of the week award goes to TitanSmath for create a the fan site at: http://www.worldalpha.webs.com Congrats TitanSmash and $10 in EarthBucks coming to you when the game begins. For the other entrants feel free to resubmit them as you continue to add content to them. Visit our Dev Site: http://www.worldalpha.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldalpha Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WorldAlphaGame Beta Testers: http://www.worldalpha.com/beta-testers
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