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  1. I found this one to be fairly nice for the price: http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Natural-Ergonomic-Keyboard-4000/dp/tech-data/B000A6PPOK
  2. mihaimoldovan

    git commit problem

    Did you run git commit?
  3. mihaimoldovan

    git commit problem

    git add index.php
  4. mihaimoldovan

    John Carmack a racist?

    Give John Carmack some rest, you people make me ashamed to be a part of this community.
  5. mihaimoldovan

    Anyone have any early effort screenshots?

    Well yeah, your code really did suck. Why would you be rendering tessellated water underneath the terrain?
  6. mihaimoldovan

    Which level of programming detail is best?

    C++ is definitely the industry standard and you will have no real way around it, but it's always good if you know some exotic languages like Haskell which can have very direct applications to C++ idioms like template metaprogramming.
  7. mihaimoldovan

    How do i find interesting free games? :P

    You can play WoW for free until level 20. (Warning: You may become a fail at life, but it's unlikely at this point given how much Blizzard has messed up recently)
  8. It's no secret that the new site is having less activity from experienced users than there used to be. The old layout worked fine for over a decade, so I'll give you a radical suggestion to revert back to it. Probably not very realistic to expect, but who knows. I don't think your targeted audience needs Facebook-Like buttons or mini blog activity thingies.
  9. You want to add an additional component to your vertex format declaration so that you can store per-vertex weights of each splat-texture. This even allows you to slowly blend between multiple textures to get smooth overlaps.
  10. mihaimoldovan

    Game genres, what do you want to develop?

    Jump and Runs! Like Commander Keen.
  11. mihaimoldovan

    Better alternative for font in C++ OpenGL

    You probably want to use Freetype to render your text to a texture and then just display that. Look into Texture Atlases and Knapsack heuristics if you want to really go in-depth.
  12. mihaimoldovan

    C++ Workshop - Pointers (Ch. 8)

    1. doesn't exist 2. pointer to an object of type 'type' 3. same as 2, with emphasis on the pointer binding to that specific variable (if you have more than 1 per line, not recommended) 4. doesn't exist
  13. mihaimoldovan

    tutorial 10 camera code, problem

    Look into using the built-in matrix stack, specifically glPushMatrix, glLoadIdentity and glPopMatrix. This will allow you to keep your transforms from interfering with eachother (transforms from other objects).
  14. mihaimoldovan

    Android Image Loading

    If you can use resources, just load it like this: Drawable drawable = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.whateveryourimageiscalled);
  15. If anyone ever finds the need to do this in OpenGL, you would simply use a [g]usampler2D with texture2DLod(coord, 0).a
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