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  1. HR Instance not found

    I'm not sure I understand your question but maybe this will help. If you look in the file d3dUtil.h you will see that HR is a macro defined as: [code]#if defined(DEBUG) | defined(_DEBUG) #ifndef HR #define HR(x) \ { \ HRESULT hr = x; \ if(FAILED(hr)) \ { \ DXTrace(__FILE__, __LINE__, hr, #x, TRUE); \ } \ } #endif #else #ifndef HR #define HR(x) x; #endif #endif [/code]
  2. Blocks

    hi all, We just finished working on the game Blocks and wanted to share and get some feedback. The game is a simple Tetris clone, but it's my first game programming project and I am happy overall with how the game turned out. Download: [url="http://www.antivenal.com/projects/Blocks/Blocks.zip"]http://www.antivenal...ocks/Blocks.zip[/url] Let us know what you think! [attachment=5911:Blocks.png]