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  1. Two new content packs are available, full of loading/health bars and many buttons/icons to set up menus and UI (2048×2048 sprite sheets). Cartoon ? http://www.content-pack.com/game-interface-volume-4-cartoon/ Flat long shadow ? http://www.content-pack.com/game-interface-volume-5-flat-long-shadow/
  2. Good news, sales start now !   [attachment=23902:Newsletter_30.jpg] Offer valid until 28th September 2014 (11:59pm local time).
  3. New royalty content packs have been uploaded with tons of bonuses/power-ups (230 sprites) and a new steel interface (91 sprites). Last but not least, you can download a free starter kit for setting up your main menus right away with title, buttons, cursor and social media icons.   Cheers!
  4. You can read on both websites that the company Naaty Design is based in France and found the registration number on the contact page too. It's now on the Content Pack website too, thanks for your input, it was missing indeed! Terms and Conditions and FAQ tend to cover all the main questions and of course, I'm always available to answer all kind of questions that could be raised about the products and their uses.
  5. Yoohoo! New content packs are available at last All you need to make a pool game with 585 sprites and 2 tables (blue and green cloth). There are also three dartboards if you intend to make pub games (beer not provided though). A wooden game interface has been added too (everything to set up menus, loading/progress bars and more). Note that all these assets are 2048 x 2048. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Two new freebies are available. Yay! - A 2013 calendar to promote your own projects, - The group of Eight, 8 icons to download. Last but not least, a new content pack dedicated to game interface is available too. Everything you need to set up a full menu from the loading bar to the buttons. This pack has been designed for high resolutions (sprite sheet 2048x2048) and looks crisp and clean on Retina displays. ;)
  7. How about watching a promo video until the next batch of content packs and freebies? [youtube]http://youtu.be/_CifMQRjg9c[/youtube]
  8. [img]http://www.content-pack.com/images/ban_deal1.png[/img] To celebrate the launch of our new website [url="http://www.naaty-design.com"]http://www.naaty-design.com[/url], we offer a 48h00 deal - Get [b]30% off[/b] all [url="http://www.content-pack.com"]Royalty Free Content Packs[/url]. This special promotion starts from [b]NOW[/b] to [b]Thursday, April 26th[/b] 12:00 noon (GMT+2).
  9. New royalty free content pack available: "[url="http://www.content-pack.com/puzzlegames-volume-2/"]Puzzlegames vol. 2[/url]" This pack features 106 sprites + 1 board/background dedicated to all puzzle games such as match-three genre and sudoku. [img]http://www.content-pack.com/images/puzzlegames2.jpg[/img]
  10. A new royalty free content pack is available: "[url="http://www.content-pack.com/puzzlegames-volume-1/"]Puzzlegames vol. 1[/url]" This pack features 98 sprites + 1 board/background dedicated to all puzzle games such as match-three genre and Tetris-like. And new prices for all content packs! [img]http://www.content-pack.com/images/puzzlegames1.jpg[/img]
  11. France, October 2011 - Naaty Design announced today the release of its Royalty Free Content Packs, Boardgames vol. 1 & vol. 2. You are looking for placeholder graphics to prototype your game? You need to quickly build a mock-up because a picture is worth a thousand words? Your graphic designer is reported missing and you're stuck with your project? Now you can relax with these affordable game packs featuring ready-to-use items for both commercial and personal productions: [list] [*]Boardgames vol. 1 : a set of 52 Playing Cards (+ mini deck) + 16 Poker Chips + a set of Dominoes + 2 sets of Picto Letters + a set of Mahjong Tiles + 2 backgrounds (green and blue mats), [*]Boardgames vol. 2 : a Chess set & icon version + Checkboard + sets of Draughts + Tokens + Dice + Pie + Pawns, [*]a grand total of 400+ sprites (18 Sprite Sheets) + 3 backgrounds! [/list] The Boardgames packs vol. 1 & vol. 2 are currently on sale at [url="http://www.content-pack.com/"]http://www.content-pack.com[/url] Also available and FREE of charge, two content packs full of badges and country flags (more than 1300 sprites!) [attachment=5702:boardgames.jpg]