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    Making a 3D action-adventure, need advice

    Thanks, Seraph! I guess I'll be going with GIMP, Wings3D, and Blender for graphics, and Unity for the multi-purpose engine. I'll be doing the actual coding/scripting with C# in the Visual C# Express IDE, and with XNA libraries. According to the site you linked me to, it sounds like these will be sufficient for non-mobile Windows development. EDIT: So... I guess I can't use both Unity and XNA, is that right? While I've used the VCS Express IDE quite a bit, I guess I'll go with Mono so that Unity can compile all my C# code.
  2. BeaverAdept

    Making a 3D action-adventure, need advice

    Ah, yes, thank you for correcting me about OpenGL. I'd just read that it wasn't a language, but managed to forget by the time I wrote the post. I'm... aware of how difficult C++ is. In college, going from a nice, memory-managed language like C# to its similarly-named predecessors, which don't have garbage collection for non-standard types, was something of a pain, albeit genuinely interesting, as it actually makes one think more about how code interacts with RAM. Memory management was probably the least-vexing of the things I learned about C++ at school. The declaration and first implementation line of methods (and operators) is also a pain, whether or not anything is virtual or abstract (or overloaded). I have no qualms with learning more C++ if I need to, but C# is much easier to work with, and I'd rather stick with it if it would still suit my project well enough. I was also getting the impression that C++ is mainly used for historical purposes -- so thanks for reinforcing that impression. I suppose that speed and possibly portability would be reasons to choose it over C#, though. At the moment, however, I'm only concerned with the PC version of Windows, so I don't care about portability. Assembly? I've dealt with it, and I think one of my courses could have been clearer about how it works. Still, it is easy enough to understand in theory -- you're right about that. I've seen it emphasized in a few places on this board that if what I'm wanting to do is to get a game out, there's no shame in using pre-built engines. Well, getting a game out is what I'm looking to do. I guess I don't care about what all is involved in making a game "from scratch" -- not unless I can't find an appropriate engine for my game, that is. Until I hear of something better, I'll see if Unity suits my needs. It seems pretty cool, and the scripts can be written in C#, which is fine by me as long as I have some documentation for the included library files. I've read on here that it's better for 3D than XNA is -- complexity doesn't figure into it for me if that's the case. Now, since I'd be using Unity and a program like Blender for the graphical assets, would I need to even touch OpenGL or DirectX (I'm making them sound like languages again...)? As far as pre-built programs go, do I ultimately need anything more than Unity and Blender to put together a game? Someone else would take care of sound/music production, so I'd just be tying them (the audio) to in-game events -- I'm not seeing any reason why I would need to mess with independent audio programs. Not sure about programs that would do other things (whatever those things would be). Thank you for the reply!
  3. I made a topic previously about developing a 2D Zelda-style game, but since then, I've decided to go 3D. Choosing the right software to use for this is where I run into problems. I've had two university courses of experience in C#, and one course that combined C and C++. Perhaps needless to say, but I much prefer working with C#. I'm feeling a bit lost right now, and am not sure if I need to learn more C++, learn an entirely different language like OpenGL, or what. What kinds of software do I need in order to make this game? What already exists that would be great for this? I keep hearing about Unity, so I installed it and started to read the documentation. I got Blender for the graphics. Are there freeware programs that would be superior to these for my purposes? What about freeware programs that would cover other aspects of game creation? Are there any languages I really need to learn? And finally, what are the major steps that creating a game requires?
  4. BeaverAdept

    2D Zelda clone

    Your engine looks nice, though from the video I'm not sure if it would be suited to Zelda-like games, since they have a lot more action in them than RPG's. Touch interfaces are also a turn-off for me (see the edit to my first post). I'm not actually recruiting right now, so much as just trying to figure out where to start. Ideally, I would do everything (unless it requires a lot more coding experience, in which case I might have a friend in mind) but make the music, the artwork, and possibly the sprites. I've got an acquaintance who might be interested in the music, and some friends who might be able to do the artwork. There's another friend of mine who went to DigiPen Institute of Technology, wanting to study game design. He could probably help with something. Everything is really up in the air right now.
  5. BeaverAdept

    2D Zelda clone

    I have a dream... a hazy dream, but a dream nonetheless. For years I've been wanting to see another Zelda game similar to Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons (I will refer to these three as the "Triple"). The only similar, traditional Zelda that Nintendo has released since the Oracles (which are about a decade old now) is The Minish Cap (by a Capcom team), but that's a little different from what I'm aiming at. I don't have many concrete ideas for this game yet, but I'm pretty much set on the following (I won't list everything, but the following might impact engine, etc. choice): 1. Simple, sprite graphics, but esthetically pleasing by modern standards. 2. World broken into cells, as in the Triple. 3. Combat system complexity is similar to that of the Triple. 4. An emphasis on Majora's Mask-like side quests (there would be a quest log). I have little idea of where to get started, except that I'm guessing the first thing to do would be to choose an engine. I've heard that RPG Maker would be good for a game like this, but since I can't allocate any money toward this project, and since the free version of RPGM is a 30-day trial version, I can't go that route. From searching the forum a bit, I've seen people talking about using Game Maker and, even better, Unity. Elsewhere, I've seen mention of Construct and Game Editor. I have minor experience with C and C++, and I've taken two full university courses in C#. I'd like this game to be cross-platform for purposes of making sales, but if my other constraints force it to be, say, Windows-only, then so be it. I just want to make a marketable 2D Zelda clone! Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: As far as this being cross-platform, I was thinking of PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Personally, I don't like the idea of Zelda-like games being controlled with touch interfaces (The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks wasn't able to win me over to that style). I'm not averse to making a touch version, but only if it's after a button/key version.
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