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  1. Carré rouge, carré vert... Manque juste le bonhomme carnaval et on a une belle parade de Noël.
  2. Trudeau contre Brazeau... À quand Pauline qui sacre une volée à Charest ? :D
  3. Si le métro de Montréal gagne autant de prix écologiques, c'est probablement parce qu'il est toujours en panne.
  4. Come to village! We talk and eat. Dance! Eat! Fun!!
  5. Don't play Tetris when you are supposed to be sleeping. It'll make you miss the dreams about falling blocks.
  6. Après 30 ans de succès, notre entreprise familiale a commencé à dégringoler. Nous avions perdu nos profits et nos clients. Nous avons donc rencontré le Shaman et il nous dit qu'un fétiche avait été brûlé dans l'arrière cour de notre maison. À présent nous n'avons aucun doute et connaissons notre ennemi.
  7. Passé la journée à jouer à Tetris en me demandant ce que j'allais faire de ma journée... Yé 16h52... Hey merde, j'veux un autre samedi bon yeu !
  8. C'est pas les grandes gueules qui ont inventé ça, Denis Levesque à vraiment fait une émission sur les femmes fontaines avant !! J'pensais c'était une blague...
  9. Got it...Actually, I didn't activate smooth shading in Blender, thinking it was automatic. Well thanks man !
  10. How do you get interpolated normals (Gouraud shading) in the pixel shader in directx11 ? In directx9 you had SetRenderState I think. Now I'm getting flat shading. Thanks !
  11. On msdn there is supposed to be a XMINT4 structure. I need this for a int4 shader variable. I included xnamath.h and there is only XMFLOAT4, XMUBYTE4 and XMSHORT4. Do I miss something ? Sorry for the noob question Thanks !
  12. Selon Abdoulie Médium Africain reconnu, de retour après un ressourcement spirituel, plus de 40 ans d'expérience, Skyrim devrait bientôt être en spécial sur Steam. Le retour du jeu aimé, peu importe la distance monétaire qui nous sépare !
  13. I don't have this header. I have the june2010 sdk. Maybe this is a beta for Windows 8 ? Anyway, maybe I'll just use float4 and cast it.
  14. I know there are some directx11 libs included, but I can't make it work I installed the SDK for vs, and it crashes with the first line I write : guirenderer_ = &CEGUI::Direct3D11Renderer::bootstrapSystem(pd3dDevice_,pImmediateContext_); An unhandled exception that seems to come from a shader creation function. I wasted hours googling in vain now I'm kinda tired. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be simpler to write my own GUI. Is it really just some composite design pattern with events ? It doesn't sound too complex. Or is it ? Just in need of advice from GUI programmers. Has anyone succeeded implementing CEGUI with directx11 ? Thanks.
  15. Hi, Just a little problem that I got. Suppose I have. class foo { float a; short b; char c; Whatever whatever; ... XMMATRIX matworld_; XMMATRIX matProj_; XMMATRIX matView_; }; Now I allocate a foo object on the heap with new. When I try to use any operation on my matrices (e.g. XMMatrixIdentity()), I sometimes have a violation access crash. I'm pretty sure this is because the matrices are not 16 bit aligned, because when I use global variables it works. The only solution I have found to settle this problem (untested though;)) is to use pointers on the matrices or on a struct of all 3 of them and use align_malloc. Is there any better way to do this ? Thank you, Joedassin
  16. I'm making a small 3d game in Directx11 and I would like to implement some skinning. I'm just wondering if it would be longer to implement the directx 10 sample or make my own. Honnestly, I find the sample a bit messy and incomprehensible. I've never done skinning because I've always used engines like Ogre3D or Esenthel before, but I know the theory (bonematrix * weight * vertex in local coord etc.). I would like to hear your suggestions. Thank you.
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