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  1. I'm going to try to get back into game design.
  2. Hey check out hobbyistgaming.com and my post in the help wanted section. Sounds like we share the same ideas. I've got about 15 guys currently collaborating on a project.
  3. The team is really starting to grow...I could use more artists and designers
  4. The team is really starting to grow...I could use more artists and designers
  5. I'm getting a good response from the writers in the community...is everyone else already creating the next "best" game??
  6. kmccoart


    With Rapidform XOR, I can easily and quickly take any object and scan into a high poly model, ready for rigging and animating. With a little work in Rapidform, I can use the high poly model and work down into a low poly model...all in a matter of a couple hours. From Rapidform, I can export to most common modeling software: .obj .3ds
  7. I need a development team...to start creating our first game for HobbyistGaming.
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