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    Starting Game Engine

    Thanks for the input guys.   GeneralQuery, I have to say my primary focus is the programming aspect, working on AI, etc.  I'd love to spend time developing an engine similar to Ultima Online (or RunUO),  I'd contract someone to design a model package and particle effects with maybe a couple hundred designs, and do most of the coding on my own.     (I'm considering going back to college to get a degree in software development and maybe find an actual career in programming).
  2. isochek

    Starting Game Engine

    Hi guys,    I figured this would be a good place to start a thread about making the jump from "Hello World" to building a game engine.  I don't mean details in what exactly it takes (I don't think) but I'm hoping for a general discussion in this progression.   To give a little background about myself, I took C++ classes in high school and afterwards studied the language through books, forums, mentors, etc.  I spent a few years writing custom code for a private Ultima Online shard, a Neverwinter Nights module.  So basically, I have somewhat of an understanding of most c++ basics like variables, building functions, allocating memory, using classes, etc.  I haven't really touched anything in the core of an engine though.  (Most of my programming has been in console applications, which usually turn out to be shitty calculator programs based in the command prompt format.  UGH, so tired of not being able to do anything else!)   Now I love programming, but I can't find a bridge that can take me to building applications and GUI (specifically games), and rendering.  Any time I look at source code for a video game (or ANY application for that matter) it's like a completely different language that seemingly isn't using much of what I've learned.  I end up asking myself, do I really know anything about C++?   I understand that I need to incorporate a graphics engine like OpenGL and learn about it.  When I start a new codeblocks project, incorporate OpenGL, it loads so many lines of code that I don't even have a clue where to start.  Keep in mind this is just to render a default color pixel triangle.  I ask myself, how do I go about rendering a .bmp for a background, and loading another image to walk around on top of it?  Why must it be thousands of lines of code? Lol.   Don't get me wrong, I want to learn how to do it.  I've just no clue where to take the next step after all c++ basics.   Could you guys give me any suggestions on how I can improve my c++ past these basics so I can really understand the language?  Hopefully, soon, I can start building a game engine)     (Oh, by the way...I realize that there are probably millions of tutorials and articles out there, but everything I've found thus far is either too vague, makes too far of a jump to harder stuff, or just doesn't cover what I need to know so thought it might be nice to actually talk to people about my current position.)   Thanks.
  3. isochek

    programming tasks

    Wow. That was extremely helpful guys. Again, much appreciated. I'm going to get started into some of these tutorials right now and try to start piecing something together!
  4. isochek

    programming tasks

    I really appreciate your advice and input. I have to say though I'm not exactly sure where to start when it comes to making a game. I would honestly love to start doing what both of you listed, I am just not sure how to go from programming the console/DOS applications to something with windows where there is something actually designed on a screen that I could control. I'm pretty sure thats the step that I'm really missing. I have experience programming around engines before (not sure if you're familiar with RunUO, or NWN Aurora Toolset). I could create objects and make them do anything but when it came to understanding how exactly the platform was made I was to say the least. I don't know where to start unless I'm using a game engine (which I'm tired of). If I could just figure out exactly how to create a platform and how to make an object realize there is a platform and then have the ability to move on it I'm pretty sure I would be golden.
  5. Hello Everyone! I'm a new member here on the forums. Although I've been visiting the past few months (when the thought of writing a game crosses my mind), I have never decided to sign up for an account just because I've been too busy to make an attempt. However, I've come in to some free time and there are ideas frequenting my brain about it quite often. I graduated high school in 2005, took c++ classes and out of everything in high school its probably the only stuff I can remember (LOL). Not to mention I've purchased a c++ book and I've been learning a lot from it. Seems to go through the motions, and takes a practical approach - it keeps me excited about learning it. The one issue I find, however, is the lack of ideas of what to program to test my knowledge. I've googled online, read forums about practice ideas but either they're too weak or they're way too complicated for where I'm at. That's kind of why I'm here. I was hoping that someone may be able to give me an idea / task to program something. So far I'll say I have a good idea of basic programming (basic operators, loops, variables), functions, pointers & references (allocating memory, recalling/changing), and also classes (including deriving, inheritance, private/public/protected class / members and prototyping), using header files and multiple source files, etc. Could anyone give me an idea that would test my knowledge of these aspects of programming. I don't mind if its fairly vast and even takes a few days. I want to practice it and work my problems out so I understand exactly what I'm doing.
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