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  1. Hi, my name is Amit and I'm a software developer from Israel. I'm currently looking for a job as a game developer in Europe and I just received an Email from a studio in Germany (part of a big global game company) in which they asked me to perform a small programming test (24/48 hours), but they also asked me about my gross salary expectation. I tried to do some research and it seems that software developer salaries in Israel are higher and I'm not sure what number I should give them.   Basically its more important for me to get a job in a big studio and the money issue is less important but I don't want to give them a low number either.   Does it make sense to tell them how I make here, and mention that I know that the salaries are different here and I'm willing to make less than what I do now if the number is too high? I'm starting to research more on Germany but I don't want to keep them waiting and I want to reply as fast as I can so I can start the programming test.   What do you think would be appropriate to write back?   Thanks
  2. This is kind of on another subject but I didn't want to open a new thread for it. Do you think I can apply for internships with 4 years of software development experience in other fields or mobile games? As I understand many people start from internships and I don't mind working for a few months for a lower salary in order to get to where I want, but I'm not sure if I'm not too old or too experienced for an internship as usually its for new graduates (I'm doing a MSc degree though).   Anyway, when game companies offer internships, are they usually paid internships? or do they ask the interns to work for free? I had an argument with my girlfriend about it, she comes from illustrations and she said that internships are usually with a salary.   Thanks
  3. AmitOfer

    Internship question

      I looked at a lot of linkedIn profiles for programmers in positions I want to reach and many of them started with an internship then continued working as juniors for the same company. So I'm not sure that my experience is better than a graduate with an internship. In the meantime I get a lot of rejections from companies saying I don't have the right industry experience.
  4. AmitOfer

    Internship question

    So I should just continue to try to apply for junior/mid level positions and work on some kind of showreel\portfolio website?   I thought the fact that I'm a MSc degree student is a good excuse for trying for an internship.
  5. AmitOfer

    Internship question

    1. Sure, you can apply. 2. You're still early twenties? And you haven't worked in the game industry? You're not too old or experienced. 3. It varies. There is no black or white yes or no answer.     I'm almost 31, I'm from Israel so I had to be in the army for 3 years, then 4 years of software engineering. I started I started working full time as a software developer when I was 26-27, first two years were not game related, the last two was doing mobile game development.   p.s is there a way to change the thread topic? now it just looks weird :)
  6. Thank you all for your responses. I think I don't need to worry about the problems mentioned as unreal will take care of most of them for me. The player's ship is using a low poly mesh for collision, basically in unreal its called 18DOP simplified collision, I'm attaching the screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. I have an event called "Event Hit" which gives me 3 vectors: hit location, hit normal and hit impulse. so I guess I can use these instead of the vector calculations you mentioned. Also I assume this event is generated at the right time that the hit occurs as its also set by the engine to block, so that when the objects collide the ship will not get inside the cube.   So I guess that what I need here is to change the position and velocity vectors so that the ship will bounce and I guess also rotate the ship to its new direction. the problem is that I think I can't just do these instead instantaneously right? I will need to do it according to delta time right?   I haven't tried anything yet, I tried to use physical material but I still haven't got the right results so I think I want to do it mathematically like you suggested.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create a simple game prototype from the Flying template provided with unreal engine 4 (3rd person spaceship game). Basically I just took the Blueprints version of the template and change the control schemes of the spaceship to suite my needs. Now I'm trying to figure out how to handle collisions with obstacles, in the template these are handled by changing the speed to 0 which of course is not good enough. I'm thinking that destroying the ship would make the game too hard so I figured I could reduce the health and bounce the ship into some direction. The problem is that I'm not sure what the right way to approach this from physics perspective, in what direction and what force would you bounce the ship? maybe divert it on the other direction in yaw axis? or maybe in a direction which is perpendicular to the surface it hits?   I can't think of a good example for a game that implements this mechanic but I guess there are many, I just can't name one right now, maybe rogue squadron?   Anyway what do you think would work best here? how would you go and implement this mechanic?   I'm working in UE4 blueprints though I might convert it to C++ so the implementation doesn't have to be UE4 specific, I'm just trying to figure out how to approach it.   Thanks,   Amit
  8. I guess junior or mid level, it didn't have a title.
  9.   That is usually a very short time in a job hunt.   Sometimes companies take multiple weeks between contact.     Also, don't wait for them to call you back, statistically they won't.  But if they do contact you, don't be surprised if it is two weeks, three weeks, even six weeks out.   Companies go at their own speed.  Often there is a multi-week window of getting information from potential candidates then handing it all over from HR to the people on the team. They wait for a while, prune the list down to the five or so the are interested in interviewing. Then HR conctacts all those people, and interviews take place scattered over anything from a single day to multiple weeks.  Then anywhere from the same day to few weeks later they make their decision and start the serious negotiation.   If you are doing a traditional resume-based job search (protip: don't do that) The vast majority of the time you contact many companies, only a small number call you back.  You talk to the HR people and never hear from most again.  Then you talk to the dev teams, and probably never hear back or maybe get a generic email.   If that's the process you're using, go read the book "What Color Is Your Parachute". It has been updated every year for decades, so you can usually find one from the last few years at your local libraries or used book stores.     What do you call a resume-based job search? I guess that what I'm doing. What are your suggestions? I'm trying to find the book you mentioned...
  10. The company is located around Frankfurt, its been almost two days since I replied and I didn't hear from them.
  11.   That's the sort of statement that should NEVER be made in an interview.  It can be a personal motivation during the interview and salary negotiation process, but there is zero benefit to making it a public declaration.     ok, lesson learned :)
  12. Thanks, I saw this 2 minutes after I replied them. Basically I told them that I'm excited about the opportunity and looking forward to taking their test and I told them how much was my last salary and that I'm not sure what to expect because I haven't done the research yet and not sure about the position offered and what is common to pay there. I also mentioned that if the number is way out of the range they usually pay in that area I can be flexible and I care more about finding the right fit professionally than getting the highest salary.   Maybe my answer wasn't the best but it was honest and I'll try to give a better one next time :)
  13. Thanks, I will try it. BTW I'm using UE4 and not unity
  14. I want to start working on a game/rendering engine in order to enrich my experience with computer graphics and start building a graphics programmer portfolio. I've been working for 4 years as a software engineer in server development and mobile game development and I really wanna get into graphics programming, I started a Msc degree a few months ago and I'm currently taking a computer graphics course and an advanced seminar and plan to write a thesis on something graphics related.   Anyway I have a basic knowledge of 3d math and openGL, until now all of the openGL code I wrote was based on Glew and Glut. I was wondering if I should stay with Glut for window management (for now the project doesn't have to be cross platform or anything, my emphasis will be on rendering techniques) or I should try to start from something like open Frameworks, SDL or SFML.   Also I would really appreciate a few recommendations on math libraries, data structures, mesh loaders etc.     Thanks, Amit Ofer
  15. I'm trying to figure out the difference between these two game engine book: 3D Game Engine Design: A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive 3D Technology) 3D Game Engine Architecture: Engineering Real-Time Applications with Wild Magic (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive 3d Technology) Can someone tell me in what areas they differ? is there a reason to get both??
  16. Which game engine source code would you recommend for learning about Scene graph, game objects etc.?
  17. I'm actually reading the book you mentioned now and I love it. I finished the chapter on the Rendering part and I was referred to those two books from there :) Jason's book is basically a really good overview on how a game engine is built, I'm looking for something that is a little more in depth on rendering. For example, how to design your scene graph, mesh, animation classes etc.
  18. Hi, I'm currently looking for a position in the game industry as a software engineer. I have been working for 2 years on non-game software and 2 years on mobile games developing infrastructure and gameplay mechanics. My desired position is in Graphics\Engine development but I'm lacking real experience in these areas, even though I do study these areas and do my own projects and working towards a MSc degree in that field.   When I look at company web sites I see a lot of demand for graphics programmers but I'm not sure if I currently hold the right requirements for getting such position. On the other hand there are gameplay/tool programming positions that seems like I do qualify for. My question is whether its OK to apply for more than one position at the same time, and if you think its not, which should I apply for? Can I apply to the graphics position and in my cover later say "hey, I'm also interested in Gameplay if you think I'm more qualified for that than Graphics" or something like that?   What would you do?
  19. Thanks for the feedback, I read a post by the HR woman at Naughty Dog about them write way to apply for jobs at their studio and she clearly stated that one should not apply to multiple positions at the same time. I wasn't sure if I should take this advice to other studios.   What I did so far was if a company asks for the CV via mail, I will apply to one position but state in the cover letter (which I try to make it as specific as I can) that I'm interested in Graphics programming, Gameplay etc. If its a large company with multiple locations and they have their own form system, for example: Ubisoft, Rockstar, EA etc. I would apply to everything I'm interested in.   I guess I will continue with that approach.
  20. I guess I will stick to Windows then.
  21. And what about compatibility? will it be possible to use GLFW with Android?
  22. Thanks, I never considered GLFW their website looks promising and it looks like its highly maintained, which I'm not sure SDL and SFML are. Can GLFW be ported to android easily if I decide I wanna try to run it on android as well? Which of these would you say has the best documentation?
  23. Thanks, but which one of the frameworks you mentioned here do you recommend ? (GLUT vs SDL vs SFML)
  24. Hi all, I'm a software developer from Israel, I've been programming professionally since 2011, my first job was in HP software and lasted 2 years after which I decided that I want to pursue my dream in working in game development and focusing on C++. for a year an a half I worked for a mobile kids games company, doing small mobile games for kids using C++ and Cocos2d-x. Unfortunately I was laid off last December and since then I've been focusing my free time on studying Unreal engine 4, studying openGL and computer graphics and working on my C++ skills while searching for a new job.   I'm very passionate about computer & console games and especially the rendering part and my dream job would be to work on AAA games and to be a graphics programming specialist. The problem is that there aren't any AAA game companies in Israel so I started looking at positions in Europe and also in other jobs that involves computer graphics but aren't necessarily in games.   Last week I got a job offer for a small start up making a game in the "Clash of Clans" genre, the company seems nice, its not my type of games but I'm sure it presents all kinds of challenge but my biggest concern is the fact that the game is implemented in Unity and Python, which are two technologies I'm not so crazy about.   I wonder if I should take the job or keep looking for something that involves more C++,OpenGL,DirectX etc. Do you think that taking a Unity\Python job will take me too far from the OpenGL\DirectX goal I'm trying to reach?   I know that good software developers aren't supposed to limit themselves to a certain programming language but I think its good to become really professional at something specific instead of changing language every 2 years. I guess its being a specialist vs. a generalist question.   What do you guys think? should I take this job even though I have some concerns? should I keep searching? maybe doing some freelance work in the meantime?   any advice will be appreciated.
  25. I get the idea that you didn't want the job because of all the different things you wrote. They seem pretty clear to me.  You wrote about it:     I certainly have not   All those statements combined, including the fact that YOU TURNED DOWN THE JOB once already, that tells me pretty clearly that you didn't strongly want the job.   You turned it down, they talked you back into it, they sent you a contract, and then...   You didn't actually accept the job at that point.  You might have thought you accepted it, but from the wording you've got there they sent you a contract and you chose not to sign it.   You wrote that it is normal for people to question standardized employment contracts in Israel. I strongly doubt that is the case.    In any event, they offered you the job once and you turned it down.  They talked to you again and offered you the job a second time, and you said you'd think about it.  They offered you an employment contract to sign, and you turned it down a third time, wanting more details than the contract. They came back after the holidays, and the fourth time you didn't sign and return the contract, still hoping for more information.   And now you are surprised that on the fifth time of getting more information, saying it was "a dick move" that they didn't hire you.   They tried to hire you FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES.     There is absolutely zero excuse for you to blame them for not hiring you. They did everything they possibly could to hire you. At any point between the time they sent you the contract and the end of the holidays you could have sent them back a signed contract and you would have had the job. They gave you the job. All you had to do was sign your name, and they gave you weeks to do it. You did not. You can try to lie to yourself, try to claim that it was their fault, but it was obviously not. YOU REFUSED THE JOB by not signing the contract. The job was yours and you refused it. That is 100% on you.     Not sure why you would have done that when you had not completely secured an employment contract. While you write that you are between jobs, "down and short on money" it seems nonsensical that you would turn down two other companies when you don't have a signed contract. Probably a novice mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. You live and learn. If you are still interested in those jobs, contact the companies, tell them that the other contract fell through and you are very interested in interviewing if the positions are still open. And if one of them offers you a job, if you are still "down and short on money", DO NOT TELL THEM NO.     I'M SORRY BUT THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A MODERATOR AND YOU WRITE STUFF WITH CAPS ON DOESN'T MAKE THEM TRUE!   I wrote how it happened, how can you even say I refused 5 times? and yes, this is how things work here, I never had the option to send back a signed contract, this is not how things work, you get the contract and then you meet again to sign it, you can't just mail it back, its not the way people do these things here, trust me, I live here, I work here, already signed 3 contract so I DO KNOW!.   I refused them the first time because there was an other job I was interviewing for that I was more interested in, I was being honest with them, and then they talked me into it and that other job didn't pay through, I guess my mistake was being too honest and trusting they would be as honest as me. If it was a large company I wouldn't expect them to be, since it was a start up company with 3 guys about my age, I trusted them to treat me the same way. Clearly this was my mistake, but it doesn't mean they didn't do a shitty thing.   I did contact back the other 2 companies that called and I'm waiting to hear back about interviewing, but its in the graphics field and not games. To tell you the truth I'm disappointed in the game industry in Israel. All people here care about is making money fast so the game industry here only includes fast developed mobile games and casino games. I really wish that could change one day as we certainly have all the talent here. To me it just seems that people here are more interested in getting money fast than building something big and creative and advancing this industry here.
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