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  1. Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper If you don't mind me saying, a system that lets one loser retain power and enter a coalition with the other loser (when they haven't had any Parliamentary power since about 1950), leaving the winner with nothing, is hideously broken. Just a thought, because it looks to me like that's what's happening. Nobody won the election though thats the problem. Although since we are a FPTP system yes the system is hideously broken.
  2. Drazgal

    Windows 7

    Quote:Original post by flyingaway is it possible to configure win 7 with win 2000 skin(like in xp)? Yes, go to the control panel and select change theme (under Apperance and Personalization) then select windows classic.
  3. Drazgal

    The % of making it

    Quote:Original post by FrankDanJohansen How much of a game did you make before you approached funding solutions? What were your goals? Did you start making a complete game, or did make a demo ready for presentation? We wrote several prototypes of key gameplay or graphical features over the course of a year (an established team of 15 from a previously finished title + 5 new graduates) then moved over to full production after being signed.
  4. Drazgal

    The % of making it

    Quote:Original post by Andrew Russell Do publishers even fund unsolicited game projects from external people/studios these days? Yes, I'm working on one :) (although the studio is fairly well established)
  5. Drazgal

    I need food now...

    Quote:Original post by owl I think it's in Denmark that they are talking about turning "Hight Quality Internet Access" into an "Essential Human Right". It was Finland and it was the right for a home to have the option of having 1mb+ internet as a right, rising to 100mb in 2015.
  6. Quote:Original post by Nytegard Honestly, effienciency is a thing of the past. You don't do console game programming for a living do you? We still need to have a decent knowledge of the underlying hardware and can't just naively spraff code at the screen and expect it to work well. Of course that doesn't stop some people from trying XD
  7. Drazgal

    Big 3 Collusion

    Quote:Original post by Codeka I mean, sure, they made Microsoft release that special version of Windows with no IE You are thinking of the special version of windows without media player and no, nobody bought or used it. The version of windows 7 without internet explorer was scrapped in favour of a selection screen asking the user to choose which browser they want to use.
  8. Drazgal

    Corporations now have our news outlets by the testes?

    Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper BBC is also biased and left wing. Do you mean the news on tv or the news website. I admit I don't watch tv much anymore but I find their website gives a fair enough of screen space to both left and right wing idealogies. Also what are they biased against?
  9. Drazgal

    Physics Performance Testing : Your input needed.

    30-31 fps steady with a single drop to 25fps for a very short length of time. Intel QuadCore 2.4ghz (was compiling though at the time)
  10. Drazgal

    Game development career advice

    While it's true quite a few of us look down on game courses (especially those of us that went through them) it won't rule you out of any game job position. Getting a 1st is more than enough to get your cv looked at and once you tick the box of "having a uni degree" your personal demo and portfolio become far more important so don't worry about it. In the 3 years I've been working after graduating my present company has hired around 15 graduates form various courses even after rejecting many many many game course graduates as uterrly unsuitable. Oh and for the record, Abertay are quite poor no matter what accreditation they managed to get (I graduated from there) though the Hull and Derby courses seem fine. If you are really worried you can always do a comp sci masters after your Bsc and put that on your cv instead.
  11. Drazgal

    Your Ideal Government

    Quote:Original post by Talroth absolute dictatorship,... And guess who I would trust as the dictator? YodaTheCoder?
  12. Drazgal

    Sarkozy speaks out against burka

    Quote:Original post by Mantrid whether his statement was right or wrong, you have to admit that sarkozy has got some balls on him! there's absolutely no WAY a politician outside of the BNP would say that in the UK You must've missed Jack Staw saying pretty much the same a few years back then although his statement was a bit lighter.
  13. Quote:Original post by Fiddler It never ceases to amaze how short memories are. 10 years ago, Microsoft drove Netscape out of the market by bundling IE with its OS. Microsoft was charged and convicted of abusing its OS marketshare to kill a competitive, non-OS product - but by that time, it was too late; Netscape was dead From what I remember of the time, IE killed Netscape because unlike netscape it was free and ran well, unlike netscape which had become a bloated buggy behemoth. That microsoft were later charged with being anti competitive doesn't change that Netscape effectively commited suicide by refusing to adapt to having an actual competitor.
  14. Drazgal

    To make games for nobody, or everyone

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Look up GTA at wikipedia. It was first released in 1997. It didn't take off until 2001 with the release of the 3rd version. I think word of mouth preceded controversial headlines. I can't imagine that politicians would make an issue out of a game before it was popular. It wouldn't be worth their while otherwise. The original Grand Theft Auto was the first game I can remember making the breakfast news on the bbc due to attempts to have it banned before release. Of course this was mainly due to certain less than reputable news papers in the UK being paid *wink wink* to get upset over the game to increase sales.
  15. Kind of depends how you want to use this. If you just want to see if you should be calling BeginScene or not and call it anyway if you are already iside a Begin/End scene it will return the value D3DERR_INVALIDCALL. If you just want to see if you are ok to render or something and don't want to risk actually calling BeginScene to check then you are out of luck as far as I know and are better off keeping track of it yourself.
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