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  1. logana60

    unity or udk?

    yea it was kinda a learning project on a bigger scale we just didnt want to get into something too deep when we would be switching engines
  2. logana60

    unity or udk?

    im sorry i didnt know you guys are all english teachers and care so much about that "how well you can optimize code" thank you for answering a question so udk and unity are gonna run the same with 200 peeople "if" i optimise the code?
  3. logana60

    unity or udk?

    i dont hate unity and am currentlu using it to this day but am looking for something better plus i dont see anything wrong with that sentence.
  4. logana60

    Prefered Development Engine

    unity is good for the 2d simulation
  5. logana60

    unity or udk?

    we havnt released any games but we made a few but we were unsatisfied with unity we are not making the next grandtheft auto or mw3 we have a lot of models done and depending on the engines scripting language we could probably start scripting right away
  6. logana60

    unity or udk?

    2 people
  7. logana60

    unity or udk?

    im trying to make AA games no iphone angry birds i have been modeling for like six months know a lttle c++ and unityscript what would be the best for a open world fps (unity seems to be fairly good at large maps but everything looks like utter crap graphics wise)What about udk? and there will probably be at most 100 to 200 people on the map at once (i have them very low poly but a good texture) unity for a while, i know the interface, basics of scripting, other crap but i have noticed its not the best speed or graphicly. WHAT I NEED TO KNOW 1 whos best at large maps 2 whos best at speed(fps) 3 whos best at a lot of stuff on the map at once 4 the overall conclusion of what u think i should use an entirely diffrent engine as a suggestion would also be apreciated if you think that they are better for my situation but please explain why better at lots of characters etc. thanks
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