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  1. Gf11speed

    R&D AI for Top Down Kinda-Minimalist RTS?

    I'd say the most common AI/logic you'll have to be familiar with in an RTS game is the ability for your units to be able to move and avoid obstacles on your map. Collision avoidance and movement (pathfinding). You have to be able to tell units to move from point A to point B while avoiding all the "non walkable" regions of your map. Look into algorithms such as A* pathfinding. There will be a lot of additional aspects to your AI in your game but if you are able to have your units move around, that's a good start.
  2. Gf11speed

    AI formation movement

    It looks like the troops are moving in a certain X by Y shape facing the movement direction, and then when they reach the destination each soldier just rotates individually towards the destination.
  3. Gf11speed

    C# Tripping in mud c# [UNITY]

    Depends on how much detail and how much time you want to spend on this. An easy solution might be to swap out the clothes texture if they hit the mud to a "muddy" version of that texture. If you want more specific control over how much mud, where mud is, etc... then you could possibly consider some kind of texture decals that would go on top of the existing clothing texture. Or dynamically color parts of the clothing texture "brown" or some mud type texture. That answer isn't Unity specific, but of course Unity has support for this kind of thing.
  4. First, you should profile your code to know exactly where the bottlenecks are. But from the looks of it, it sounds like there are just too many image draw calls. Is there a way that you can consolidate your draws so that you only have to draw one image per tile? Possibly something like: Merge tile layers to one texture Draw tile texture Then you'd have 1 texture draw per tile. 28k texture draws instead of 28*3=84k. And you'll only need to update that merged texture if the layers change. So basically you'd just be drawing 1 texture per tile. This will eliminate probably 3 texture draw calls per tile, so it should probably improve your performance by about 3x. To take it a step further, would it make sense to merge all of your tiles to 1 screen sized texture? Go through all the tiles on screen, merge each tile and layer for that tile on to a bigger texture Draw bigger texture If you did this in a smart way, you'd have 1 screen sized texture created dynamically that you could draw. That would turn 28k * 3 = 84k texture draws into 1 image draw.
  5. Since C# does not support multiple inheritance I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to do the following. Basically I have 3 classes, and I'd like to use functionality in class 'PlayerInGame' from both 'Player' and 'SceneNode'. What's the best way to do this? I'd prefer not to include either of those classes IN PlayerInGame if possible. Player SceneNode PlayerInGame : Player, SceneNode Seems like a fairly simple problem, I'm just a C++ programmer having a C# brain freeze tonight. Thanks.
  6. Gf11speed

    College Advice? -Game Design

    I highly recommend getting your 4 year degree first. That's pretty important. Then if you wanted, you could look into attending a place like the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) for a Masters degree (http://fiea.ucf.edu). The best thing to look at when you are considering a game school is their alumni job placement rate. Also find out what companies the alumni work for.
  7. Gf11speed

    Feedback for our Horse Racing Game

    We have recently released a new update to our PC horse racing game and are looking for feedback and suggestions in hopes to improve sales. You can download and try the game here: http://www.syntasoft.com/download/ptdemo.exe You can find more information here: http://www.syntasoft.com/posttime.html What does the game do that is good? What does the game do that is bad? The better question I propose is this: want could we do to make you want to buy this game? Thanks for your help.
  8. Gf11speed

    Feedback for our Horse Racing Game

    Thanks! New update coming soon with a lot of improvements.
  9. My company has recently released a horse racing game for the PC. At this point, we are looking for people to try the demo and give us some honest feedback. We're hoping to get as many people as possible to try the demo version of our game and comment on their experience, good or bad. Game Information Here Download Demo Here Please be honest in all of your comments. Thanks for your help and support. [Edited by - Gf11speed on February 23, 2007 1:58:34 PM]
  10. Gf11speed

    Path Smoothing

    Gotcha. Like a gaussian blur. This would also work too I think: http://cgm.cs.mcgill.ca/~godfried/teaching/projects97/ziad/project/mid_al.html
  11. I have a set of 2D points (x,y), that forms a staircase function that looks like this (with a point * at each change of direction): .................................. ...................*----*...... ...................|.............. ...................|.............. ............*----*........... ............|................... ............|................... .....*----*.................... .................................. I want to be able to create a path that smoothens the above path instead of having the "staircase" effect (without reinventing the wheel). What is the best way to do this?? Isn't there a well-known algorithm for doing this? Thanks!
  12. Gf11speed

    Dynamic Pathfinding/Pathfollowing

    I was asking cause I already have the pathfinding implemented :)
  13. Gf11speed

    Dynamic Pathfinding/Pathfollowing

    All very interesting. I never thought about anything like that. I wonder if it would be wise to combine the two ideas, perhaps use the pathfinding algorithm in addition to a potential/gradient field. The horses would attempt to follow the best path, but the field from the other horses would propel each horse away from the others and att the same time the pathfinding would not allow it to touch the railings. Wouldn't this seem more realistic than having a field/gradient only, or no?
  14. Gf11speed

    Dynamic Pathfinding/Pathfollowing

    I've tried making other horse's unwalkable but that didn't seem to solve the problem. I was updating the walkability regions every frame making horse regions unwalkable and the regions they had come from walkable again. This didn't work though, It produced some funny results (horses trying to take shortcuts and clipping the track railing, horses stopping and going at different parts of the race, etc). I'm not sure if the flocking algorithm would work either, since it seems as if the speeds of the "herd" is somewhat the same. I have to have different horse speeds and horses overtaking other horses. I'm not sure how this could be done using a flocking algorithm, or perhaps there is something I'm missing. I don't understand why, if I update every frame, the A* algorithm wouldn't work by itself if I made the other horses 'unwalkable'? Perhaps I could be making a mistake in my code, but I don't see where.
  15. Gf11speed

    Dynamic Pathfinding/Pathfollowing

    I see, that is good to know then. So what I am looking for in addition to A* is "obstacle avoidance"? I'll check out flocking algorithms as well. Anybody know anything else about obstacle avoidance then?
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