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  1. the_visualist

    New mobile game in development: King's Party Tower Defense

    Nice art style. The ingame screenshot is really cool, looks kinda inviting!
  2. That actually looks really cool! Btw some AI enemy might be cool, in case someone has no friends
  3. the_visualist

    ActionRPG Indie Project - Dungeons of Daggerhelm

    You might wanna add some pictures right in your post, otherwise most people won't even bother reading it :)
  4. the_visualist

    Illarion - An open source online roleplaying game

    Nice idea with the open source thing. Just to warn you though: having the server source publicly available will give you a lot of headaches regarding exploits, item duping etc.
  5. The menu music is nice! Also the game idea is nice. And the animations are nice. Might be just me, but I think the art style isn't perfect yet. Its not very visually pleasing in my opinion. For example the blue ring: it has two colors (inside and outside) and it stands on a blue block with a third color. And they all kinda look really weird if you use them together like this. The double axe thing is a much better, the axe colors fit nicely to the gray block color. Anyway, good luck!   Edit: take a look at the colors in picture: http://noobtuts.com/content/unity/real-time-strategy-game/preview.png . See how the green background works really good with the orange? Of course this is all subjective, but using complementary colors usually gives you some nice effects in your games.
  6. the_visualist

    OpenGL [Very noobish] Cube not render

    That's a lot of code to read through. You should probably try to start with just a camera and a basic shape (without any shaders or buffers or whatever) and expand from there step by step. Running such complex code as yours usually never works at the first time.
  7. Try some debugging! Just print out the results that glGetFloatv gives you and see if there is something wrong. (if its all 0's or similar)
  8. the_visualist

    Finalizers confusion

    Hey, I don't know about the exact implementation of the whole thing in C#, but in general its a bad idea to use a finalize method at all. If your code needs it to work properly, then your code is unstable. About KeepAlive: basically it tells the GC to not collect something that isn't needed anymore. In the code example, "hr" is not needed anymore but they still tell the GC to keep it alive. This is something that you will probably never need. Still an example though: lets say you have a big object and you don't want the GC to destroy it while drawing, as it may result in a FPS loss, then you would call KeepAlive so it won't destroyed just yet (maybe later when a loading screen is active or whatever). The whole point about Garbage Collection is that you don't have to worry about this stuff, but if you want to do so anyway, I suggest using a language that comes with new and delete.
  9. Do it the way we all did it in the beginning: just start hacking code together. If you realize that your current architecture doesn't do the job, then think about a better one and rewrite the whole thing. Repeat this until you finished the project. After a while you will get a feeling for it so you don't have to rewrite every project ten times, so just keep practicing.
  10. the_visualist

    Texture Positioning

    If you want to move it to the right, use glTranslatef with x, 0, 0. If you want to move it up, use glTranslatef with 0, y, 0. If you want to do both (which means diagonal), use glTranslatef with x, y, 0. Do this without any glRotate calls. If you still want to rotate it for some reason, then you can easily use glRotatef after it was translated.
  11. Not sure if I understand your question completely, but I will give it a try: Seems like you are always drawing it on the same position, which means all your quads are basically above each other - results in looking like one quad. Use glTranslatef to (for example) move each quad a bit more to the right.
  12. the_visualist

    OpenGL lib3ds and texture mapping?

    Just create a simple plane model, save it as .3ds and load it. Then see at which point the texture coordinates get messed up. It should be 0/0, 0/1, 1/1 etc. when you load it. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, then forget about 3ds, its lacking things in too many ways. Try .obj for a simple format that also supports bigger meshes. Its also very easy to create your own loader for it.
  13. I got the function from glew.h (google it), there its defined in like that: #define glFramebufferTexture2DEXT GLEW_GET_FUN(__glewFramebufferTexture2DEXT) Don't forget to call glewInit() once.
  14. Your code looks correct on the first view, your problem might be somewhere else. You could try this code: http://nehe.gamedev...._mapping/12038/ and compare it step by step to yours to see where the problem is. the_visualist
  15. At first you should start making your posts look less like fake posts. Anyway, you already answered your own questions. "What should i study to become a game programmer?" ==> "develop my own simple game first" "Are there any 'things every c++ game programmer should know'?" ==> "good books, tutorials"
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