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  1. I woke up this morning, puked and decided to get some fruit, I decided Lime was the best way to settle my stomach, the bitter cleansing taste of the fruit was a rare (and affordable) pleasure, so if you are reading this post, go get yourself a lime or another fruit like an orange! These fruits would cost 5 times the price of a Diet Coke at least!
  2. I am making an editor, I know D3D 11 is already available etc however I want to use D3D9 to maintain backwards compatibility. Basically the problem with creating a graphical viewport using D3D9 is that to effectively resize without reloading all the resources the D3DPOOL_MANAGED resource pool is very useful, however it maintains a copy of the resources in system memory ... I want to load the resources to Graphics memory and avoid leaving a copy in system memory for optimization reasons. I several plans ... a) trying something like creating a very large back buffer and not recreating the device when the d3d9 pane is resized ... this has the problem that I don't have accurate pixels and the behaviour of the screen is more unpredictable. b) using virtual memory to store the textures and meshes and then on resize simply re-creating the resources with a D3DPOOL_DEFAULT setting for the resource creation. c) Simply using the D3DPOOL_MANAGED and using compressed meshes and textures ... if there is a solution in later versions of D3D I would definitely try to support them if available on the system . Any help is appreciated.
  3. lol down to my last £20 already, where is the gvnmt xmas £?
  4. DavidNash


  5. DavidNash

    Value of a master's degree?

    I'm British and I applied for jobs for the position of programmer in the games industry via an agency. The interviews were hard, they asked very technical questions while not seeming to understand what I talked about ... i.e. so you either have to be able to answer technical questions very seriously without batting an eyelid when they do not seem to understand or you have to answer technical questions while making sure they understand.
  6. DavidNash

    Value of a master's degree?

    The word "racist" is not applicable. A better word for expressing your point of view on this would be "elitist." [/quote] ok so they just have the same haircut?
  7. DavidNash

    GLSL tangent space problems

    The vertex normal is screwed up ... I guess this from the color of the roof in the non-normal mapped version. Presumably the normal map normal would be screwed up too, the images should not look the same images created with the correct pre-calculated vertex normals. Also the shaders use a specific model (from my out of date memory) ... i.e. open gl and d3d used the same matrices but they were transposed and so the definition of how to calculate a vector in tangent space changes.
  8. DavidNash

    Value of a master's degree?

    I think educational requirements is another feature that the industry failed. You don't need a degree to write games. You don't need a degree to draw game art. You don't need a degree to program software. if you can't teach yourself, then what can you do? There comes a point in time when you can say for yourself that you are what you are. People did not believe in me, but I think its because they fail in tasks I claim to have completed. So why do so many industries trust less educated people ... I remember reading that the ex-prime minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, did not finish his degree in Law (Oxford or Cambridge). There are many successful people who did not complete education, why should it be the same for games? Its not like structural engineering, brain surgery or aircraft design - the only type of career that *should* require a proven educational level. So for employers who are critical of applicants ... 1) if you don't trust person A (who has a degree) without a degree then a) consider that you are racist. 2) if you trust person B (who does not have a degree) if they had a degree but not otherwise then consider that you have your wires crossed. 3) Ask yourself if you trust yourself in the situations then realize that you assume your own superiority (they cannot believe others can do what they cannot).
  9. DavidNash

    Where do game developers hang out?

    I think I lost interest in working towards reachable goals that have no realistic reachable profit, instead of a career after all that animation, 3d art, programming, scripting etc, they (the interviewers) put you on the spot "stars in their eyes" style and make you dance like a monkey until you go blue in the face, then they cooly press the button to open a trap door laughing behind your back (dragons style). I for one think it would be great to be on the other side of the desk because I would fire every single one of the people that refused to employ me. Although I am not bitter and would probably let them return to their jobs if they could produce a good enough demo on their own.
  10. DavidNash

    Where do game developers hang out?

    What does that mean? [/quote] perhaps it isn't a career that will stay useful after a certain age.
  11. DavidNash

    Where do game developers hang out?

    On this note, I hear that some IGDA chapters are having the problem that their meetups are too overrun by students and indies that don't know too much about what they're doing. There haven't been enough professionals guiding the direction of these meetups, so they started to take a more exclusionary approach to organizing and promoting them. [/quote] Nope the indies were the developers and the students were their friends. Its a Bunny industry -face it.
  12. DavidNash

    Where do game developers hang out?

    Best advice is "Keep your Day job". Where do they hang out? Probably the pub.
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