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  1. Does anybody have a windows phone?
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    Introducing the noob

    Hi, i am ignition246 (basically everywhere), aka daltominus (youtube), aka dalton (real life). I have been coding very small (mainly unfinished) java games for about 8 months now. I have made my own 2d artwork, battle systems, random background and random enemy generation, fixed and scrolling walking systems, inventory, etc. I, however, have no idea how to finish a game, how to do the more complex tasks, how to learn new languages, how to release anything... It is all very daunting to me. I am only a freshmen in high school, but more than exceptionally smart. I would love to somehow become a part of the video game industry, as video games are a large amount of my life. I have very many ideas, but no friends who are intellectually capable of applying themselves, and consequently say they will help, then do nothing, then wonder why the game never gets finished. I would just like to get some advice on where and how to start, reguardless of the difficulty. No matter how hard it is to become relevant, or at least moderatley succesful, in the video game world, i will try my best. Thank you.
  3. So, I'm working on a java project right now, but I had an idea today that I told one of my partners and he liked it. Here's the idea: The game has full access to the files on your computer. It asks you if that's okay when you start playing. If you say no, you get a premade map. If you say yes, it take each folder, and if a folder has over 2000 files in it (like the C drive), it makes a large city in-game. A folder with around 100 files in it creates a building. Each file gets a "room" within the coresponding building, within the corresponding city. Between cities, their are wastelands and roads. Each file creates an NPC, with completely random characteristics, there being a 50/50 chance of being male/female. The NPCs will retire to their corresponding rooms, though when they are out, they go out on the town. It will be pretty similar to the Tron movies. Is this possible? And if so, what language should it be written in? I realize that this is a giant project, and I don't plan to start it until I become much better at coding, among other things. Thanks.
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