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    Hi i would be interested in using the software you are making im more then happy to test it out and report any bugs ect if you are interested send me a PM on here
  2. f&g

    Noob C++ Question

    Thank you for all the replys i do have this issue not all sorted i do know indeed that system("pause") is bad practice as this opens as new process witch i dont like the idea of once again thank you for all your help and advice Regards f&g
  3. f&g

    3D Modeling, and Rendering Basics

    CG Cookie I will echo what has been told above with a small budget like that you wont to be able to use software such as 3D Studio Max or Maya they run into the thousands of i would say by far in my eyes is belender witch is free they have vaslty improved the user interface and there is thousands of tutorials and videos that can show you have to use blender the two sites i would recommend if you go with blender are CG Cookie and Blender Guru Hope this is of some help to you i love using blender and would recommend anyone to use it
  4. C# Station Hi Sharpe not sure if you have come across this site for C# tutorials looks well laid out and easy to follow with lots of detail of what is going on C# Station
  5. f&g

    Noob C++ Question

    Hi Serapth yes i am using visual studio C++ express 2010 i have just recompiled the first lot of code at the very top and used CTRL+F5 and still did the same thing just opened and closed very fast after i hit return but the second lot of code is working fine
  6. f&g

    Noob C++ Question

    Hi Sharpe thank you very much for your reply but i have just got it working here is the working code below int main() { std::string FirstName; std::string LastName; std::cout << "Please enter your first name:"; std::cin >> FirstName; std::cin.ignore(); std::cout << "Please enter your second name:"; std::cin >> LastName; std::cin.ignore(); std::cout << "Hello " << FirstName << LastName << "\n"; std::cin.get(); return 0; }
  7. Good evening to all at GameDev im very much a noob to C++ and i am looking for some advice to my issue below is the source to a small program where i get the user to enter there name and then there name is displayed back to them on the screen all this works 100% fine but the main issue is that the console window closes and opens very fast below is the source code #include <iostream> #include <string> int main() { std::string FirstName; std::cout << "Please enter your first name:"; std::cin >> FirstName; std::cout << FirstName << "\n"; std::cin.get(); return 0; } Thank you very much in advance
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