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  1. Hi folks,  I have a GLSL shader that is working fine using UV coordinates in range [0,1]. However, some models that have a UDIM UV space, thus exceeding that range, won't work. There is a chance to have gl_TexCoord to read, say a [n,n+1] space where n>0 ? Thanks for any help.
  2. AlessandroMastronardi

    Computex 3D box coordinates from min() and max() points

    Thanks for the answer Buckeye, this would be correct if the box has no transformations of any kind, but say for example it is rotated in 3D space: in that case the calculations above won't suffice.
  3. Hello, I have a 3D box in space and I know two points, more specifically its minimum and maximum coordinates. Those points are basically the 3D box diagonal. There is a practical way to calculate the remaining 6 points? Thanks
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