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    Marketing Avenues

    I personally don't find stuff like Delicious and StumbleUpon to be high-value activities. What's important when you're trying to market yourself is to spend time doing the beefiest stuff with the most results. In your case, I'd go do interviews about the game. Look around for blogs and sites that cover indie games or upcoming games in general, and ask the guys in charge of those if you can arrange an interview. Talk about all the cool stuff you can do and why players will have a great time playing your game. What's in it for THEM, specifically? Seek to prove that when you talk about the game.
  2. Titanium Man

    Character Class Design

    There's always minmaxing in Dungeons and Dragons computer RPGs.
  3. That's a start. Try to think of a need that needs to be filled. Try to imagine the kind of person who would want it. What are his fears and his concerns, and what simple solution can you make to solve them?
  4. Don't forget to consider independent work to build experience outside of courses. Make some cool projects on the side. Then, when you want to work for someone you can go "hey, I made these games in my spare time using this skill and this skill", and they'll be all impressed and stuff.
  5. Titanium Man

    Idea for Action Platformer

    Look to Metroid for help. Those games are perfect in displaying level design that needs to be conquered with the right movement powers. (Ignoring sequence-breaking, of course.) Use stuff like night vision to reveal hidden walls to open new areas, for example. Or make a big vertical corridor that needs to be ascended with your mega-uppercut.
  6. Titanium Man

    Realism Vs Fun

    Here's my personal rule for realism in games: -Did you ask the player to type "stand up" before leaving his seat? If so, I hate you Sierra Entertainment. More seriously, I find realism boring, boring stuff. Simulation especially. We already have a real planet to do that :V Fun always goes first in my book. (Not saying a realistic game world can't be fun, but let the machine automate that.)
  7. Titanium Man

    How to get a writing job at a studio?

    I have heard many times and read many cases that a relevant degree can be bypassed with strong work experience. Build a portfolio by doing work for companies and work your way up - start with a free trial arrangement then negotiate pay later.
  8. Titanium Man

    Story for Educational RPGs

    Are you going to take inspiration from Math Curse? You'd better.
  9. Well, is that the only community you're hanging out on? Having it available on sites is one thing but you also gotta walk the beat and talk about it yourself. Brainstorm where the people most likely to play it hang out, then mosy on over and start some conversations about it. Don't be pushy, just think about it in terms of "hey, this is what I'm up to and this is what you can do in it, it's coming out soon and I thought it'd be cool to share with you guys".
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