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  1. meanwhile

    Ints and floats

    After reading that converting between ints and floats is a mortal sin, I decided to rewrite my simple software rasterizer to use floats only. No more 255, just plain 1. No more i * a / 255, just plain f * a. No more overflow checks, just treat 1.25 as white. The result? It runs SLOWER now than before. Maybe memory bandwidth is more of an issue.
  2. meanwhile

    Software rendering

    I am looking for 100% software-rendered 3D games/demos. Specifically, those that show a pracrical number of objects/polygons and not just some sphere rotating in the middle of the screen. Do they even exist? Is that even possible?
  3. meanwhile


    Thanks, that must be it.
  4. meanwhile


    I want to render a scene, then perform some raster post-effects on the resulting image, then render another one and put it over the previous with alpha etc, all in realtime. What is the proper way of doing it in OpenGL?
  5. meanwhile

    Uploading geometry

    Thanks! That cleared things up a bit for me. What do you mean by 'looping through your meshes'?[/quote] I meant sending millons of GlVertex3f for each frame.
  6. meanwhile

    Uploading geometry

    Can you "upload" geometry to the GPU like you upload textures? Looping through all my meshes ten times per frame is somewhat ugly.
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