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  1. I've succesfully implemented a 2D camera class in XNA , and now I want to implement the possibility to have 2, 3 or 4 camera's, that I can resize and place on the screen at will. These are the relevant functions of my current camera: [CODE] internal void Draw(SpriteBatch spriteBatch, Level level) { if (!activated) { return true; } spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode.BackToFront, BlendState.AlphaBlend, null, null, null, null, getTransformation()); level.draw(spriteBatch, this); spriteBatch.End(); } public Matrix getTransformation(GraphicsDevice graphicsDevice = null) { Vector3 lpos = new Vector3(-position.X, -position.Y, 0); Vector3 lorigin = -(new Vector3(-screenSize, 0) * 0.5f); transform = Matrix.CreateTranslation(lpos) * Matrix.CreateRotationZ(rotation * (float)(Math.PI / 180)) * Matrix.CreateScale(new Vector3(zoom, zoom, 1)) * Matrix.CreateTranslation(lorigin); return transform; } [/CODE] the getTransformation function returns a matrix, based on the position, zoom and rotation of the camera. in level.Draw, all the Texture2D's are drawn on their world positions. This completely works with one camera, but now I'm trying to implement multiple camera's I want to be able to set the size of the image of the camera that it takes on screen, and it's position on screen. So that I can do things like: have a small zoomed out camera inj the corner of the screen, or a zoomed in camera in the middle. I already just tried draw a second camera over it, but there are some problems I have two questions about this: 1. How do I make sure that the small camera in the corner does not overdraw the main camera? 2. Is it a good idea to just have each camera do : spriteBatch begin and end, so that spritebatch will begin and end 4 times a frame if there are 4 camera's? 3. How do I determine the position on screen the camera is drawn on?
  2. Hello programmers, I'm a game designer. I am passionate about designing great gameplay, and bringing together art and technology to form my game design into a great experience. I've learned myself to program, because it empowers me as a designer, and so that I know the problems that programmers face better. Now I do have a pretty good picture of what kinds of problems programmers face, but I realised that I really don't quite understand something, that might be even more important than what challenges programmers face, namely what it is about programming that gets programmers excited. So what is it that programmers really want when making a game? What keeps them going, what makes them enthusiastic? I'm genuinely trying to understand my fellow game developer a bit better. Thank you.
  3. Creating our own engine

    Thanks a lot for the advice guys! I guess I will just tell them that they have an option: Either we do it in Unity or some other Engine, or I'll have to find other programmers to do my project with. That's reasonable, isn't it? Either way, thanks a lot for the advice again!
  4. Hello, I hope my post isn't too long, sorry for that, but I'm posed to a dilemma. I'm a game designer, and I'm about to start a team with about 7 programmers. all of us are second year students, 2 of the programmers seem to have more experience than the rest. We're about to start a game project, and are doing it while still in school, so we'll have a maximum of about 10-15 hours per week per person to work on it. some of the programmers seem to want to make a game with their own engine. My first reaction is that i'm a bit sceptical about that. From my point of view, our goal is to create a game that is as good as possible, and creates a great experience for the player. Having to create our own engine seems to me to just be another unnecessary burden, because we could much more easily use an existing one. They want to make their own engine, because it interests them. The engine would be made using the XNA framework. My questions are these: 1. How hard is it to make our own engine? Would this be a serious burden on the designers and artists to do their work? would it decrease our possibilities significantly? Would we be unable to do things like post-processing, or stuff like that? The Unity3D team consists of a couple dozen professionals, who work 40hrs/week on it, It seems to me that it is simply impossible for us to come even close to an engine of that quality, and then we wouldn't even have started programming the game itself. Is my scepticism correct? 2. And let's say I'm correct, and I can convince the programmers not to use their own engine, what would be the best option if we would still go for the XNA framework? 3. And a third question: Would these problems also arise if the game we're to be 2D? Thanks in advance, I've already googled a lot on the subject, but contradicting opinions and the fact that engines are a bit complicated have confused me, so that's why I'm asking the question here.
  5. Unity Pro License

    [color=#1C2837][size=2]Let's say I'm working with three friends on a Unity game, and we need a Pro account. Would we need to pay the license once, or four times? one per person using unity?[/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2]And another question: Would starting an official company change that? [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2] And let's say someday I start another group, with [i]other[/i] people, would we need to repurchase a license, or could we use my license, that I used for this earlier project? [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2]ps. We live in the Netherlands.[/size][/color]
  6. Unity license under 100.000

    Ok thanks a lot for your advice guys! We don't want to do anything crazy, so thanks for showing us a bit of reality. In that case I have a question: Let's say I'm working with three friends on a Unity game, and we need a Pro account. Would we need to pay the license once, or four times? one per person using unity? And would starting an official company change that? (we live in The Netherlands, btw) And let's say someday I start another group, with other people, would we need to repurchase a license, or could we use my license, that I used for this project?
  7. Unity license under 100.000

    Hello, I have a controversial question about the Unity License. I'm making a game with a couple of friends in Unity Free. We we're planning to put it online, and sell it on steam and/ord XboxLive. I've read that if you don't earn more than 100.000 dollars, it's ok to use Unity Free to make your game and then sell it. But there's a feature that only Unity Pro offers that we'd like to use, but we don't have 1500 dollars laying around to pay for the license. If we'd crack Unity Pro and sell the game, and NOT earn more than like 1000 dolars, would Unity notice that it's made with a cracked version? would we be banned or something? or fined? I know it's a controversial question, but we're not trying to earn lots of money or something, we just don't have the money to pay for the license.