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    my jokes
  2. codenine75a

    Happy Friday

    Yes, rebuilds and the cost it is to rebuild something.  A system rebuilt because the transmission failed.  Hmmm.  A ghostly nudge to me.  (the transmission failed so rebuild it...) Thanks for the story.  It means something to me. You probably have a good truck spending almost four grand on the transmission that is almost the price of a used car.
  3. codenine75a

    laptop splicing

    My adapter's transformer died and my friend bought me a new laptop adapter but the connection was loose and it would not work anymore so I had to play computer engineer repair.
  4. Learning a hot cup of Java.
  5. If "I'm sorry" is not enough then you are insane.
  6. codenine75a

    The Game Development Library (GDL) Project

    reminds me of the game programming alliance which was another site that used to be at gameprog.com way way back.  The site collapsed and I just think it had to do with freelance game development work.  Do not get sued Dave Asle.  Watch someone try to use the whole project for their own gains like shoving code to the US copyright office to get their law suits out.  Be careful and I would make the whole project GPL'ed before posting project code.
  7. codenine75a

    for devl

    images for journal
  8. I'm an enginner not a scientific theorist!
  9. Big-O was an Anime in Japan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Myh07ybceU
  10. codenine75a

    Using UTF-8 in Games

    Try windows IME. 
  11. Why not optimize and use virtual function pointers.  The events can be handled through a simple array of functions labeled with maybe enum or something.  I never liked event loops.
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