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  1. maximegriot

    Vulkan 101 Tutorial

    Thank you for this, we really needed someone to step up !
  2. maximegriot

    Importing C++ functions from AS

    Hello,   I was thinking, is there a way to import a function from C++ and specify the signature from angelscript? Like GetProcAddress returns a void* and we cast it to the correct function declaration in C++ to call the function correctly, is there a similar mechanism in AS ?    All I could find was funcdefs but it appears to be a way to declare angelscript call conventions and not C++ call conventions.   Thanks, Max
  3. maximegriot

    Passing reference as parameter

    The thing being I don't have ref counting on these objects (my application manages everything).   And no no negative value what's so ever :s   My bad, my variadic template call was actually doing a hard copy of the object and passing a stack address that had been deleted.   Here is my code if someone wants an easy way to start :
  4. maximegriot

    Passing reference as parameter

    Here it is :   NPC npc; context->Prepare(func); context->SetArgObject(0, &npc); context->Execute(); context->Unprepare();   And the AS code :   void OnNew(NPC @npc) { print(npc.GetName()); }    Note that it does work if I set mt NPC to a global parameter so there is nothing wrong with my GetName() :(
  5. maximegriot

    Passing reference as parameter

    Hello,   I am trying to pass an exiting object as a reference to a function but I can't get it to work... I have tried NPC@ and NPC& as type and nothing seems to work... I use SetArgObject and give it a pointer to my object (I don't want to copy it because I want to be able to call functions on that object). If I put the object in a global variable it works just fine...   Could you give me some insights ?   Thanks !
  6. Got Magenkyou sharingan and Byakugan shaders fully functionnal !
  7. Sick, will delay the technical demo... Hopefully i won't be sick for too long !
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