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  1. Ben Bowen

    Lens Flares: We're in business [demo included]

    I get the same artifact on my 6950.
  2. Ben Bowen

    How About UNICODE and UTF-8

    I fail to see why this is not authorative or why there's any reason this belongs in a personal journal.
  3. Ben Bowen

    Advanced Terrain Texture Splatting

    This'd look nice with some sort of emboss-mapping like effect.
  4. Lock yourself in your bedroom and figure it out.
  5. Ben Bowen

    Spring RTS Engineering Internals

    Over engineered.
  6. Ben Bowen

    Non-Linear Story Lines

  7. Ben Bowen

    How to Think to Design Infinite Games

    Hopefully that's a good hint on how you need to revise. "Debunking Prejudices" ... etc.
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