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  1. New theme posted

    Very fairytaily and forresty. great work, the instruments feel natural. Can I ask what musical scale you used in this piece?
  2. My Title Menu Track :)

    I am a musician myself, and I must say the first part of the track is really nice and will fit into a title menu, however as others have pointed out the second part is really Zelda-ish. It feels like you have made 2 different songs into 1 or rather 2 ideas into 1. I think you should keep the title menu relaxed. That would work pretty well in a titlemenu.
  3. I make a variety of music genres, I started producing since 2005 with Reason 3, then went to Ableton Live. Went to sound and musicproduction College 2009 finished 2011. If anyone has any feedback please post.