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  1. Call me blind but I don't see any div tags in that code.
  2. I've come into a similar problem in the past. Not sure if the solution is the same. Does the client app import the DirectoryStructure object? If not, it might be that for an unserializing problem.
  3. DakeDesu

    Attempts at Earthworm Jim Characters

    Quote:Original post by Jarrod1937 your drawings lack understanding of proportion, I'll grant you that on Evil Pete Puppy, though, after checking some of the characters these are based on, the proportion is pretty spot on. Quote:Original post by Jarrod1937 angles/perspective, I'll grant you that one on Princess Whatshername--the other one that comes close is Psycrow, but that was kind of cut out of another design. However there is no way you could have known this. Quote:Original post by Jarrod1937 and anatomical knowledge. I'll grant you that one on Evil Princess whats her name. I will continue to practice those areas on those characters. Quote:Original post by tstrimp Perhaps you should look into the Freehand Drawing Workshop. Although I'm not sure how active it is. Last I checked that, it was filled with the usual draw from real life tasks... the only problem is, for whatever odd reason, whenever I try to draw from life, it doesn't look natural... what I mean is: I need to understand drawing convention--and not try to figure out how to draw something, that somebody else figured out how to draw. Instead I need to look at how they drew it, and make my drawing based on that. For some reason, I draw better by convention, than trying to re invent the wheel, and come to those conventions normally.
  4. Well, for the purpose of a fan based work... don't know what yet, whether it will be some online comic, a game or just die, I have been drawing Earthworm Jim characters. Even if I don't end up actually making an actual Earthworm Jim fanwork, I think it would be good practice. Anyways, I need commentary on these, and I am pretty sure this is one of the few places that won't say "you suck" without backing it up with some constructive criticism. Anyways, these are more or less designed from memory mostly. While on my gallery I have characters I made up, the ones I post will be cannon characters. Psycrow--closer to final design Evil Pete Puppy Princess Whatshername Evil Whatshername More to be posted.
  5. DakeDesu

    Need Suggestions for 3D Modeler

    I would say, go Blender... in recent attempts to model with it I have found that they have improved the UI over previous versions, and it works just fine for me... especially considering the price. Also Blender supports Python scripting.
  6. Quote:Original post by Alessandro I'd like to be able to print without generating a word or pdf document. You mentioned CSS, can it be used for this matter ? Yes, CSS can be used to define print qualities. I am not sure, however, if it can be used to tell the printer to cut off at each page.
  7. Well it all depends on how you are printing it out. Are you generating a Word .doc Document or a PDF? Or are you designing how things are printing off via CSS designed for the print medium?
  8. DakeDesu

    Your Projects on Linux/BSD

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Quote:Original post by Sander Quote:Original post by Ravuya I develop all of my games first on OS X and then port them to Windows (and sometimes Linux).Given their common heritige in Unix/BSD, shouldn't it be easier to port to Linux than it is to port to Windows?It is, but Windows users are the most annoyingly vocal when software doesn't work on their platform, so they get priority. I can only assume that most of the Linux users are either: a) use to not having games or hopefully b) more competent than the windows users at working around silly little set backs like that.
  9. DakeDesu

    [web] [PHP] Creating a game

    Hmm... it seems two of the best PHP tutorials on the net are down mine (I am allowed a little ego trip aren't I?), which went down with the evil twin (that would be gamedeveloper.net--and my traversing the Wayback machine cannot get my PHP articles off the evil twin), and daholygoat has turned into a PHP blog. hrmmm.... I was making a PHP article for K-1ine, but when my computer crashed, that disappeared... seems the web doesn't want me to share my PHP knowledge :P Anyways, just posted this to say, that yet another person has a PHP article on the backburner.
  10. What do you need to know? Design theory. Colour theory. HTML A slight smattering of XML A slight smattering of XPath (atleast enough to make your way around a simple URL) A serverside of some kind Enough ECMAscript to atleast be able to read ECMAscript (not necessarily write it though) CSS (before is was a "would be nice", now it is a "must") Client/Server networking A slight smattering of TCP and IP (though IMO UDP is unnecessary) The difference between vector graphics and raster graphics A vector graphics program A rastar graphics program Difference between a JPEG and a PNG (and when to use either one) A place to get contracts.
  11. DakeDesu

    Kid Radd :: Locked in A Box Edition

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster All the fun AI parts have been left to do -- evaluations/classification/pattern matching/factoring/solving(best fit)/universal metrics....... Well, I figured that once I've got a framework for the AI to handle itself, I can work on implementing this. I am still researching what Vorpy gave me thought--there is a _lot_ of material on Google. Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster And once you have a mechanism that can handle all those things -- then the real work begins of building the data (or guiding the self learning) which usually is 90% of the effort. Well, I was going add something like the "imprint" given on the characters in the Kid Radd comic (where the characters tend to reflect their players (Heros), and Baddies, NPDs plus Bosses tend to reflect the players). The idea would be to run their AI in a game virtually, and slowely let them develop characters. Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster There is a good reason why real AI has been avoided in general even now after the computers have started to have enough resources. Which I think is a crime.
  12. DakeDesu

    [web] flash paintbucket

    Well, its been forever since I worked with Flash, but IIRC: Flash is a vector based art program. It is probably storing the black thhing and the circle as seperate items in its memory--it would probably be easier just to make an arc of the colour you want, and put that in there. But then it has been forever since I worked with Flash, so I most likely am wrong.
  13. DakeDesu

    6 hour game competion, looking for your thoughts.

    Sorry that I couldn't participate (I really wanted to). My computer here decided it wanted to crash--I am currently redownloading a Linux Distro to install onto it.
  14. DakeDesu

    [web] google.com source code

    I'll have to agree with Kylotan--even if they did screw up somewhere in their update, they probably have an offline development version of their site. So they'd likely catch any problems before going live.
  15. DakeDesu

    [web] PHP, CGI, blah blah blah

    Well PHP does work on CGI--just a lot of the work has already been done for you (but then, even with Perl/CGI, who really does the work themselves rather that `use CGI;`). Oh and as per PHP "being the future", that may be true--a few years ago. Looking into what is being used for such fun things like Meshups, Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails appears to be the future. As per which is better--it is really only a matter of personal preference. However, the choices, right now, appear to be: CGI: PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby/C++/C/BASH/TCSH/etc ASP: JScript/VBScript/C#/Perl/Python JSP: Java (though the JSP standard does allow any language to be used) NPH: SSI -> (any executable) Ruby-on-Rails: Ruby There are also a few others than I know I am forgetting.
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