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  1. Pouya

    Does Anyone Else Like Food Porn?

    huh apparently in a few weeks it'll be my 10 year anniversary on this site
  2. Pouya

    Does Anyone Else Like Food Porn?

    lol you're still banned even in new forums
  3. My lawyer said I should reply to this thread and say that I'm "happy" to see you all here, and that I'm very "sorry" I haven't been around that much.
  4. Pouya

    F.E.A.R. vs Girl

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight does this, in its 9+ minutes run time, ever get entertaining? I only made it through 15 seconds before tl;dw, but I'm guessing it won't get any better than isolated badly recorded screeches
  5. Pouya

    Firefox Download Day

    OK, so they're aiming for the most (unnecessary) downloads in a day and the cost of bandwidth bill is proportional to the number of downloads. A ton of people who already have firefox and are running it will keep downloading it over and over so reach this "record". The money spent on this bandwidth bill can be used on better things, not to mention that it's all coming from donations anyway. Also, virtual records are stupid.
  6. Pouya

    Your New Year's Resolution

    My new year's resolution is over 9000
  7. Pouya

    Game developing... and women.

    I've heard women go crazy for hackers on steroids.
  8. Pouya

    Should we eat animals?

    Quote:Original post by Yeshua666 Herbivores, on the other hand, don't react with hunting behavior when they encounter smaller animals. Humans don't, either. Don't mistake civility with instincts. My cat's don't eat smaller animals either. They just can't eat raw meat at all, it has to be cooked. The fact that they can't just rip apart a smaller animal and eat its raw meat doesn't make them herbivores.
  9. Pouya

    Anyone not using XNA?

    I used Xna for a couple of months and then decided to go back to my beautiful OpenGL. Well, Tao.OpenGl, same deal. And I'm doing it all in F#. P.S. "Xna's Not an Acronym" has got to be one of the worst names ever. It was slightly funny when gnu did that decades ago, but it's lost all its humour and is just plain retarded now.
  10. Pouya

    what else do i need?

    Building MMORPGs
  11. Pouya

    Math riddles

    It appears that the domain name hasn't been registered yet. Maybe you should buy it?
  12. Pouya


    Obviously it doesn't lead you to being independent. ... more moonspeak, perhaps?
  13. Pouya

    Help on C random sample

    I find it interesting that people have questioned the choice of Hungarian notation in this thread, but no one questioned the choice of C. In my opinion, they're both very outdated and should be avoided in modern programming. Specially now that the OP is just beginning programming, you might want to start off by a more modern programming language.
  14. Pouya


    Rename your variable to _LOL_inner_macro_s_loop_counter_please_don_t_make_a_local_variable_with_this_name_anywhere_18y32irh329
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