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  1. Pouya


    Rename your variable to _LOL_inner_macro_s_loop_counter_please_don_t_make_a_local_variable_with_this_name_anywhere_18y32irh329
  2. Pouya

    hi pouya

    Yeah Gaydev has this extremely annoying thing of truncating journal entries in the feed to an obnoxiously short length, and I passionately hate them for doing that. Luckily, your entries are short enough to be available in full without any of their super retarded truncating shit. Richard won't be reading this journal, but in case he does: Fix your mother fucking news feed.
  3. Pouya

    toot toot

    Here comes the fartbus
  4. Pouya


    Ordering fast food?
  5. Pouya


    Old keyboard is oooooooold
  6. Pouya


    Quote:Original post by LachlanL Is that for all forms of linux combined? Or just the biggest one? All combined. By the way, this is the browsing report, so all it says is that there are more people browsing the web on Windows 98 than all browsers that report Linux in their identification string.
  7. I know I had said I'd "clolose" my journal when mithrandir gets laid... well, he's still a virgin, but I have to close my journal now. I don't think anyone would really miss it because I didn't really post anything development related anyway. I'll probably make myself a blog elsewhere. So I just canceled my GDNet+ membership, and while doing so convinced mithrandir to cancel his as well. It's really not worth getting it. Back then, there were people running gamedev whom I liked and I wanted to support. Now, unfortunately, they're all gone and the site is being operated by a... different style of people. I figured if I wanted to support some mentally delayed people, I'd be much better off donating to charity instead of giving money here. Anyway, I still have a few more months of my subscription (paid for a whole year), so it's not like I'm completely "gone". Also, what the hell is this with paypal not having a section for listing your subscriptions? I had to go through the history for a while trying to find the payment to gamedev, just to get a link to the subscription plan. Oh, here is one last gift for you guys:
  8. Pouya


    ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
  9. Unlike thor, I prefer girls.
  10. Pouya


    Why don't you try 2k3 server?
  11. Pouya


    11 thumbs up
  12. Pouya

    Wikipedia is retarded

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan ... getting laid ...You do realize that doing that will cause my journal to clolose, right?
  13. Pouya

    Wikipedia is retarded

    Please come and participate in our discussions, even though we're going to completely ignore you. You see, it gives us a sense of self-satisfaction to humiliate you for your opinions; it makes out for later in the night when we have to go cry ourselves into sleep.
  14. Pouya

    What's wrong with wikipedia?

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan One word. Girlfriend. Get one. Isn't that technically two words?
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