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  1. It seems to work on websites like The Guardian. Positive posts get validation from the community without the baggage and partisan tit for tat of downvoting. You just have to look at communities like Reddit to see how certain topics and opinions are no go areas if they happen to go against the grain of the collective culture or fall on party/religious lines. It can stifle intelligent discussion if you know voicing certain opinions will incur a torrent of downvotes. ...or maybe I've inadvertedly stated a case for leaving voting out all together?
  2. Maybe an upvote only. That would allow people to voice their appreciation without the negativity of downvoting opinions.
  3. I really don't see what it would add to the discussion. This forum is for off-topic chat, I think negging people would stifle discussion and cause more defensive behaviour and arguments. Likewise, upvoting seems pretty redundant. This isn't a platform that really needs contribution validation compared to the main boards.
  4. If your business strategy in this day and age relies on thwarting piracy, you're gonna have a bad time. Granted, the likes of Steam have given legitimate sales a shot in the arm but having obtrusive and irritating "features" such as a single player game that needs to be connected to the internet just to play only serves to alienate your legitimate customers because it will be cracked in time, period. For example, my internet connection is slow and unreliable. How do the likes of me play your game?
  5. GeneralQuery

    C++ and OpenGL

    I don't agree with this. Using an engine, you can concentrate yourself on the actual gameplay instead of boilerplate code, low level APIs and stuff like that. [/quote] My point is that starting with no programming experience, an engine is certainly not a good place to start. Learn to program first, it's not like there's any Unity-style WYSIWYG engines for RTSs that I'm aware of.
  6. GeneralQuery

    C++ and OpenGL

    If you want to make games, starting with C++ and OpenGL is possibly the worst combination. It's akin to wanting to learn to fly starting out with a bunch of scrap metal and a four stroke engine. I'm not familiar with RTS engines so cannot recommend any (although a google search yields results) but regardless, if you want to go down the programming route you can sack off any ideas of starting with an RTS and and instead start off with something very simple like tic-tac-toe or a text-based hangman game. Keep it simple, keep it realistic. Even using an engine would be jumping the gun at this stage.
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