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  1. J-RPG Style Strings

  2. J-RPG Style Strings

    Hm, didn't even think of that! I use Ableton, and was able to find some decent j-rpg sounding strings in the Tension section. Thanks :)
  3. J-RPG Style Strings

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a kind of string library that is reminiscent of the quality that J-RPG's in the late 90s through early 2000's had for games on the PS1/2, Dreamcast, Saturn etc. In other words, a string library that is not too realistic yet also not terribly down sampled like the SNES was.    Here's some examples:     I'm guessing these were all done on some midi device? Unfortunately I don't believe I'd have the cash to spend on old hardware , so am looking if anyone knows of any VSTs/quality soundfonts   Any input would be appreciated!
  4. Help! Trying to create classic SNES sound.

    I think it might also help if you get a hold of some cheesy midi sounds, like from the Roland MT-32 or some other similar device. I believe I heard that synthesizer was used in some SNES games. Then downsample those!