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  1. It is needed if you don't want to change a piece of code of other files and just want to modify profile save & load functions and get to save Unicode data. but of course for those types which needs to be rendered must be converted to wide character type. I got it done by converting all to Unicode supported type (wchar_t) before saving if they are not unicode type already and saving to file with unicode encoding. Later getting all unicode data from file n converting all those back to ascii if they were not originially unicode. 
  2. Thanks, I have decided to convert char to Unicode before saving them to profile and converting back to ASCII upon loading. I hope that works fine.
  3. I want to convert a ASCII based profile system into Unicode without changing much of game code. Currently Most of thing's that i save in profile file are ASCII but there are few thing's that i need to save as wchar_t , I don't want to create seperate file for them and want to put them in same file. so basically i want this file to be unicode so i can write wchar_t in it + I want to write ascii in it too so that i don't have to change alot of code in game and convert everything in wide character. Same goes for reading too. Is it possible to read ASCII & Wide Character from same file keeping the file a unicode.   This is process i will go through   Read from a basic profile - LoadProfile()  All ASCII ,, then i will save this file as unicode file as there are going to be some w char types too ,, then I want to read & write both Unicode & ASCII in that file during gameplay..    this is how my file will look ..    ProfileName 88 88 43 LevelName AnotherLevelName Text (ASCII) 323 Text (ASC(()) 434 43 ???? ??????? ??? (Unicode Text) ???? ??????? ??? (Unicode Text)    
  4. Question : "How Can a Single Developer build a full Game " Answer : "Have an girl friend with Art skills" LOLZ I found this answer on forums with google search :D
  5. Using FB,Skype,Twitter Smltnsly and Little Abdullah sleeping on Chachu ^_^ He's so cute , comes to me when he is sleepy, hugs me & goes to sleep :)
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  7. Azizi's Friend Moeen Mohsin Erslan Malik Talal Urf Qari Hafiz Bilal's GrandMother died, Please pray for her. May Allah bless her with Jannah, Ameen.
  8. Just Installed Windows 8 on my laptop.
  9. Float data type is a *****
  10. Had great time with Urchin Games Team!!!
  11. Sometimes you have to start from beginning! It's hard for some people, not for me. Used to it! :D 3rd time I believe :/
  12. Leaving for village right after office, it was suppose to be off today :( Never Mind , UrchinGames Rocks!!!
  13. 50x100=5000 minutes 5000/60 = 500/6= 83 hours/7=12 hours of a day required , what a fool that person will be for playing this shit for 12 hours a day to get 10$ Howzat Cricket
  14. Hard to live this way! :(
  15. Wo Jeet ka bi Haar Gaye aur Hum Haar ka bi Jeet gaye :D