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  1. Yorg's improved AI

    Hi! After two months of coding and testing, we've released our second build, release 0.6. A lot of effort has been put into refactoring and increasing performances, but we mainly focused on the AI. You can find the up-to-date AI's code on GitHub. Yes, I definitely need to refactor it! The AI code is an algorithm that computes car's action for each frame. The AI is not perfect, but the game is more fun than the past version, since it is more challenging. The algorithm is articulated, since there are a lot of cases that I have managed. I would like to look for a better solution in the future. Moreover, we have also something new "for the players": two new cars and a new track. Here is its trailer. You can have a less technical description of this release on our blog. Thank you very much for reading!
  2. yorg 0.6

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  3. Ya2's projects

  4. yorg 0.6

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  5. Yorg's first builds

      Thank you Aardvajk! Actually I love Python! :)
  6. Yorg's first builds

    Hi! After a lot of coding, we've released our first builds of Yorg! From a gameplay's point of view, we've added a lot of features: now there are two tracks, four cars and eight pilots. It is an alpha version, so we still have a lot of work to do. Here is a screenshot: Here is the trailer: The game is developed in Python, shaders are coded using GLSL. We're using Panda3D. The builds are on game's page. The code of the game is on GitHub. The part I worked on recently is the package yyagl.build, which contains the code for creating the builds. It uses Panda3D's deployment tools, and we provide Windows, OSX and Linux builds using it. Panda3D's deployment tools are easy to use, you can set up a "building environment" with few lines of code (you just need to specify application's parameters, packages requested, and so on). If you have some feedback, please let me know! Thank you very much!
  7. Our next project: Yorg

      Hello! The latest post contains a video which shows our second track and the AI. We are finishing the third track, we will post a new video about it as soon as we integrate it in the game! :)
  8. AI for Yorg

      Thank you! Obviously, now we have only a minimal approach for AI: we will provide deeper descriptions when we will do more complete solutions! :)
  9. yorg 3 Car

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  10. yorg 3 Car 3

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  11. yorg 3 Car 2

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  12. AI for Yorg

    Hello everybody! This time, we haven't waited an year to tell you about our progresses on Yorg! We have made a very big step on our (we hope) long way with Yorg: we have implemented artificial intelligence! At the moment, it is a very basic one: the algorithm is just a simply lookahead that checks the ground and the curve angle to set speed and direction... but we have to say it's pretty much fun to run against an AI instead than just against time! Here are a couple of screenshots: Check out how it works in the following video! As usual, our project can be followed on this blog and on github, so you can check what we have done so far... as said we would really appreciate to have your feedback and also your star and watch, if possible :) If you would like to have more frequent and far less technical news from us, I remind you our blog. As usual, we really hope to have your feedback, so... come and visit us!
  13. Yorg's progresses

      Thank you very much! Meanwhile, we are making another track! :)
  14. Yorg's progresses

    Hello everybody! Some months have passed by, and I am here again to inform you about our progresses on Yorg... During these months we have made a lot of things: two tracks, different cars, a better camera management, we have a basic AI and a multiplayer system in an early development phase... is scaring and exciting at the same time to say that we proceed towards a complete game! If you are following our project here you already know how it is going "line-by-line", but now there is another way to follow us: GitHub! We would really appreciate to have your feedback and also your star and watch, if possible... :) If you are brave enough to have more frequent (but far less technical) news from us, I remind you our blog: http://www.ya2.it Just to have an idea about some of the news, here are a couple of screenshots: and a quick ingame video: As usual, I really hope to have your feedback, so... come and visit us! Thank you! :)
  15. Yorg's screenshot

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