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  1. The game design industry is brutal. Today, I've experienced it first hand, and to all my fellow co-workers maybe we meet again.
  2. PascalChaumette

    Unity Is Unity3D spoiling me?

    Having the same concerns regarding Unity3D. I concentrated mostly on learning the art side of the game industry during my early years. I heard about Unity a few years ago and from what I read it made implementing 3d art assets ridiculously simple. Having an art background I just wanted to see results. I decided to tackle implementing a 3D animated character in Unity. I was able to achieve this 3 years ago, since then I've been digging deeper into Unity. So, that's the angle I'm coming from. I needed to start somewhere and JavaScript was working out well enough for my personal development goals. One could say Unity has it's limitations language wise. I understand the points argued against it and I'm in awe with anyone capable to program a 3D engine from scratch. The game industry certainly wants folks who can do this. Having no delusions of ever getting to that level any time soon, I continue to learn what I can and use all the bells and whistles Unity has in the meantime. It's just great to see fast results! I like to believe presenting ideas and having working prototypes does hold some value though, even if it's written in JavaScript. Like some of you have already posted, moving on to C# in Unity is the next step. I look forward to getting there myself. cheers! and best of luck on your game man!
  3. Freelance artist and game designer working on various projects.
  4. PascalChaumette

    The Creepy Substitute Teacher DEMO

    I've been a 3d artist in the game industry for several years now. I've always wanted to push my 3d work to the next level. Unity 3.4 has made this possible and over the last 10 months I've been learning the ropes. I really look forward to Unity 3.5.. The Creepy Substitute Teacher demo will be available to play soon and I hope some of you enjoy it. Although simple in it's game play and mechanics, the design still had it's challenges. Having an art background allowed me to quickly iterate 3d assets for reasonable poly count and draw calls. The way Unity makes that easy allowed me to focus on coding. To my surprise the engine made scripting easier then I thought to and much more rewarding compared to engines I've tried out in the past. Since this is one of my first completed CST demo's I don't have any plans to expand or iterate this build any further. Having learned so much with this last project I'm already roughly planing out other game designs. cheers! paka3d www.pakagames.com
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