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  1. M6dEEp

    Custom Shaders - 2D

    So do you just run those functions on the texture data once as a preprocessing step if I'm understanding correctly? This looks like it could be achieved in real time, but maybe you chose to do it this way for some special reason??
  2. Really loved the video.. this vastly simplifies how to layout game designs.
  3. Googled std::list, tons of results for sexually transmitted disease... thanks C++
  4. I've decided to do a rogue like RPG for my first foray into journaling. I guess I could make it a tutorial series after I'm done for a nice introduction into whatever API I'm using.
  5. Seriously thinking about doing some journal posts. Having a few weeks of vacation ahead of you really makes you want to be productive.
  6. M6dEEp

    Ball Descent

    Ball Descent screens, from a small game project developed with the Unreal Development Kit
  7. M6dEEp

    Block Engine

    My adventures with block engines
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