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    Saving as a .ico

    A really good tool for creating icons, animated cursors, etc. is a program called "AWicons" ... it has this nifty 'lite' version. You can pixel your own icons or import common filetypes of certain sizes into it to save in either .ico, .cur, or .ani file extensions. Ive tried a good bit of free programs out there, this is the first one i could find that wasnt terrible and came at no cost to download. have fun. -st0ven
  2. st0ven

    NEW pixel art tutorials

    Nice one. I used to lurk on the Pixelation forums as there was a period where I was trying my hand at Pixel Art. Any idea what happened there as I checked them the other day and it appears they got wanged by some script kiddies or something? Heh, yes, an unfortunate incident. Some complicated situation which had occurred where the current administrators of the forums had no ftp access to all the files necessary to update the scripts... and so it fell vulnerable to the devastating php exploits and such. Word got passed along to some little 17 year old twerp and he was bored of his xbox. *shrug*. I hunted his personal info down though and spread it around to the mods/admins, the community, who spread it to the 5 other forums hit by this same kid, and i dont really know what happened after that. Hopefully his pc got impounded, but id settle for somene just spitting tobasco sauce in his eye. Im really glad that there is a positive response to these new tutorials. All that is important to me is that they are appreciated and useful, no hat tipping necessary :D.
  3. st0ven

    NEW pixel art tutorials

    at SpriteArt.com They are quite extensive, they cover everything from rpg sprites, enemies, summon monsters... to fighting sprites (like street fighter and chibi-esque, pocket fighter style), to isometric tiling and sprites, to basic techniques, and includes more advanced techniques as well... theres just a lot of material covered so far, and its only going to grow. As it is now, im confident its one of the most comprehensive pixel tutorial knowledge bases out there. I just thought id share with the community with my newly finished works. -st0ven
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