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  1. FreneticPonE

    Back-projection soft shadows

    If you're going for that big of an area lightsource then you're basically doing global illumination, so I'd skip looking at direct shadowing and try out voxel cone tracing/Signed distance field tracing. Actually SDF tracing is probably what you're looking for. Unlike cone tracing you can check the sign to see if your inside a mesh, so your empty voxel problem is solved. http://advances.realtimerendering.com/s2015/DynamicOcclusionWithSignedDistanceFields.pdf Epic did an experiment with using this to shadow VPLs. It worked out pretty well, until they abruptly cancelled all experiments as such: https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/rendering/40411-the-state-of-distance-field-gi-in-4-8
  2. FreneticPonE

    Distance Fields

    Yeah in order to save a lot of computation Epic currently generates distance fields offline. There's a runtime generated global distance field as well, though lower res. I don't know how many mip levels they use however, though it has to be bounded. Neither am I sure how they loop through overlapping pre-computed volumes, which one do you test first? Anyway, here's a great talk on using all this distance field stuff for both geometry and lighting done in realtime in a shipping game:
  3. FreneticPonE

    Back-projection soft shadows

    Unfortunately area shadows is basically an unsolved problem right now. Signed distance fields can be fast, but get expensive when animating a lot or getting too detailed. Cone tracing would probably be leaky and unstable for shadows. Right now there's just not a great answer. But a good answer might be Moment Based Shadow mapping. It's the fastest/best way I know of to get a large filter radius in renderable time. There's hundreds of pages to read on the stuff, you can read that, anti-aliased moment shadow mapping, some other papers about improving lightleak a lot, etc. etc. etc. But the point is soft shadow mapping with a large filter is doable on the relative cheap with it. Edit- AFAIR temporally supersampled shadows have been tried before, for anti-aliasing. But you'd have to re-do an entire temporal reprojection pipeline for each one to avoid obvious ghosting and etc. just like visibility sampling temporal AA. Probably not worth it, either in production time or milliseconds.
  4. FreneticPonE

    Back-projection soft shadows

    To me it's always seemed a bit silly, slow, and prone to lightleak. You could create some sort of acceleration structure out of the shadow map and in effect cone trace or raytrace through an SDF through it. But it's still going to lightleak. It's also going to be quite slow. Frankly I'm just hoping whatever Ubisoft did for Far Cry 5 shows up at Siggraph or something soon. They've got variable penumbra sun shadows that seem very, very fast, have a lightshape (though I don't know why they chose a hexagonal light shape), look good, and again seem very, very, very fast. Fast enough to run on an Xbox One if I'm remembering right.
  5. Plus she's 77, oh and Arrested Development is hilarious if you haven't seen it
  6. War Horse: Excellently made movie that ends predictably. Still loved it, would possibly recommend for fans of #MyLittlePony
  7. Mission Impossible 4, fun, funny and not terribly memorable action movie. Weird for a Christmas release
  8. I suggest "Hearthswarming Eve" be the only official holiday around this time of year. And if you don't like it then shut up #mylittlepony
  9. "Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." -Mark Twain
  10. Idea for a truly terrifying horror movie, the opening credits claim it's directed by M. Night Shamylan. I can hear the screams now
  11. watch x factor channel 2 dish network
  12. "Should game designers play games?" That's like asking if auto engineers should be able to drive. What a question http://t.co/hpAgYxd2
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