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  1. The presentation link where Crytek talk about their fake aniso : http://advances.realtimerendering.com/s2010/Kaplanyan-CryEngine3(SIGGRAPH%202010%20Advanced%20RealTime%20Rendering%20Course).pdf   One solution could be using forward rendering rather than deferred (that's one direction im currently looking for my work), check Forward+ demo from AMD
  2. One thing I like about the tiled Clustered is that it become "cheaper" to handle transparent object. In the case of tiled deferred you have to build 2 lists, one that used the depth buffer for the light culling and one without. So yo can have a massive overhead on the transparent pass. With clustered 1 culling is necessary.   But again that depend of the light count (also clustered is a heavier in term of memory size if I'm correct) and the scene.   Also at the Siggraph Asia , they were a presentation about a 2.5D culling techinque that you can find here : https://sites.google.com/site/takahiroharada/
  3. gamma correct and light prepass

    Im using FP16 for the light accumulation buffers and for the scene rendering.
  4. Hi all, I'm currently trying to implement a gamma correct pipeline inside my light prepass renderer but I'm not sure if its correct as Im getting strange result ... Here's what im doing : Z-PASS ... fill normal + glossinness, normalmap sampler set to SRGB OFF / SRGB Write off Lightning pass ... no SRGB sampling & SRGB Write off Geometry pass ... diffuse sampler set to SRGB ON / SRGB Write off Postprocessing ... sample Scene texture SRGB OFF / SRGB Write on Note that in the postprocessing for now i have disabled everything so basically it just sample the scene texture and render it. So in this case Im getting overburned colors but if I do SRGB write in the Geometry Pass & SRGB Read in postprocessing then i get correct result. In my point of the view the two situation should work the same, right ? I've read this [url="http://renderwonk.com/blog/index.php/archive/adventures-with-gamma-correct-rendering/"]http://renderwonk.co...rect-rendering/[/url] from Natty Hoffman but since I'm not doing any blending (for now) that shouldn't be an issue. If anyone have a suggestion ... Thanks ! Nicolas
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