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  1. Good Evening,   Been a little while but here's an update on the progress of Kuruko, just wanted to make sure I had something a little interesting to show off.   Since last time:   #Fixed Bugs #Updated Art #Added Key Commands #Display List Scroll Resources #Added Timers to User Needs #Added Basic Day/Night Cycle #Ground Work for Explore System   Screenshots:       Next Up?   #Completing Basic Explore #Implementing Inventory System   F.A.Q 11.06.2013   Can you enhance on what Kuruko is?   Kuruko is a 2D non-scrolling game where you control everything through various windows. The goal is to manage a world and enjoy life, you choose what you wish to do. Automate the production of various materials through 'projects' (such as farms, energy efficient factories and more), explore the world and find 'locations' that will enhance your life and provide you with rare items and blueprints, delve into 'Kuruko science' and create new elements to change the face of your world.   From the start of the game can you describe what kind of game play you'd expect?   Yup, so from the beginning of the game you'll be greeted with a voice acted introduction to the 'Kuruko project' and its origins followed by the Kuruko Console providing you with a list of things you can do with your program (world). Initially most people will want to build projects to build a working world. You'd head into 'World Explorer' and then 'Explore' to start finding the basic materials and resources for a house and food. You would press the 'X' key and wait for a short timer to complete which would then show you what you've found (not just items, but locations, artifacts, 'glitches' etc). Next you'd proceed to the 'Projects' page and choose from the available blueprints, which would show you the resources needed to build. (Emphasis is on the projects, items and exploration and less on crafting recipes although the way you unlock blueprints should be interesting in itself).   So in conclusion I'm half writing all of this for myself to keep my mind on the right direction but things are shaping up nicely, I'm pleased with the progress of 'Explore' and think it'll be great fun to see it come together.   As usual leave your comments and thoughts below, thanks!
  2.   Hi there just a brief introduction, my name is Sean and I've been an avid game for a long time now. My favorite games range from The Sims, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft to p0rtal and professor layton, but mainly anything that captures my imagination!   Like many game developers though I've wanted to create my own game for a while and I've finally started designing something that has become my own. Let me introduce 'Kuruko'!   KURUKO   What type of game is Kuruko?   A sandbox game.   What are the main features of Kuruko?   Construct worlds by gathering resources to build 'Projects' such as, housing, various facilities and automation options!   Skills you can build as you advance into the game for example; cooking, construction, mining and more!   Exploration consisting of finding interesting minerals and rare items, puzzle solving, and making discoveries!   'Kuruko Science' such as testing materials in one of your constructed project buildings and unleashing new possibilities into your already rich world!   Completely open source project, allowing you to fully customize and mod your game should you wish to do so!   Any screenshots?   I am a programmer therefore the art is a unique blocky style created by me.   Here is a shot from 01.06.13:     Will update this thread semi-often with progress updates. More so when there's more to see.   When will the game be available?   I aim to release an Alpha build late Summer.   Any questions let me know I'd be more than happy to answer.   For Mods: Hope this thread is okay, sure its 'self promotion' but I like to think its contributing to the community anyhow, its open source and i'm not doing this for donations.    Thanks,   Sean.
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