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  1. Time to sleep.. Hopefully I wont be woken up by crazy cats. :/
  2. Pancakes with whipped cream, some jam and sugar, tonight! :D
  3. Lagar till fläskytter filé i ugnen, i gräddsås, med kokt potatis. ;)
  4. Oh Facebook drama.. what would I do without yeh?
  5. Varför bor alla fina tjejjer på Västra Ersboda? >_
  6. The brown-haired girl gave me a look. The redhead in the park was reading a book. The girl at the airport upgraded my car. Tonight I wonder just where you are.
  7. Filmkväll/dag, whatever.. Ska se RED, Robin Hood, The A-Team och The Other Guys. Först.. Köpa massa onödigt dyrt skit på Konsum.
  8. Last thing I thought before I woke up: - "Life is a prison of knowledge, lead by the cynical and the.." *blurriness* wakes up. It was more of a vision of something I read on a piece of paper, in a 1/4 of a second, dream that I had just before I woke up. Makes sense?