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  1. Interested in working on a project with me? I recently started Horizon, a game intended to procedurally generate interesting agents and AI instead of fancy terrain. https://github.com/makuto/horizon
  2. Before you read this, you should try out what I have currently. Download the full game (made with Blender Game Engine) here, then open levels/level2.blend in Blender and press P over the 3D view (actual release will be a lot simpler).   I've been working on the melee combat system. It's a real time ARPG-style system like Skyrim (obviously with drastically less polish). Most of the code is done, but I cannot seem to get the feel right. By game feel, I'm talking things like Game Feel and this talk (fantastic, by the way). There is very little material available that talks about good feel for combat systems like this. If only a Skyrim dev would let some of their feel secrets be known!   Currently, the combat feels very floaty. The knockback was something I've thought about a lot, but knockback in combat systems varies quite a bit. It's currently a little too exaggerated.   It would help me out a lot if you would try out my game and tell me what you think. I've considered adding screen shake, a slight 10ms pause when you hit the enemy or get hit, improving enemy animations by having drawbacks (don't know what to call those - what I mean is things like raising the sword before slashing/hints that a hit is going to come soon), and sound (actually adds a lot to feel).   If I can get the combat system feeling solid, I think the game will be drastically more engaging and fun. Like the Halo devs say, get ~30 seconds of fun and repeat that over and over again in slightly different ways.
  3. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to offer your advice!     Yes, better animations should make it feel better.       I'm not sure what to do to remedy the fact that enemies run towards you. Maybe they should get close, then do something like boxers do when they circle. Adding a random time delay to their hits might also help to make it more interesting (although some games have extremely predictable enemies yet stay quite entertaining),   Giving the enemies code to dodge your attacks (or block) might make it better as well. This systems can get frustrating when they automatically do it, so no matter what you miss.   On physics and biomechanics, I didn't think about things like that because of the great Realism vs. Fun argument. I am way more into fun than realism on this project, as opposed to your game, which seems to try to accurately portray swordfighting. I will still add some more physicality though.   And yes, I am aiming more for the 'A' part of ARPG. This is more casual FPS-style.     Good suggestions! A system like this sounds good, especially when the enemies can get a second hit in on a failed swing or poorly timed block (and the player could as well, if the enemy did the same).   I think I will keep recording my progress and iterative cycles so that maybe this thread could become a helpful reference for anyone creating anything similar. In the next recording I plan on tweaking the animations and adding the blocking system suggested by Thaumaturge. More complex enemy movements (as suggested by Chosker) may come later.   Also, I ask that you guys talking about Chosker's game start a new thread or PM each other.
  4. I'm definitely going for the less complex Zelda-style combat. Even Minecraft's ultra simplistic style works, but it still needs to be fun and feel nice. Currently I do not think it feels solid enough.   Those on right now should go to my Twitch stream and ask questions via the chat. I can show you the combat and you can ask me to try stuff. I will also highlight the session and post the video here afterwards. I'm sure you guys might be interested in iterations on a system like this - show the design process nicely   And I use Ubuntu, so I'm not used to people worrying about downloading something that might mess with their machine   UPDATE: The recording of above broadcast. At 21:30 and 23:10 I show combat as it was (the latter having more weapons), and at 1:13:20 I add camera shake. At 52:40 I add a 20ms pause when hitting enemies, then adjust it to 30ms (which was on during the camera shake). Sorry for the choppy stream
  5. makuto

    Amusing glitch gallery

    I just stumbled upon this bug yesterday while I was working on making enemies face you to attack you: Twitch Video It gets worse at 3:15
  6. makuto

    Screeny Dump

    I'm just going to upload any of my new screenshots of games.
  7. makuto

    Gravity gameplay

    From the album: Screeny Dump

    [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=gravity"]Gravity[/url] is a physics game I made with the Blender Game Engine.
  8. makuto

    HINT: Shoot

    From the album: Screeny Dump

    [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=hint_shoot"]HINT: Shoot[/url] is my third Blender Game Engine Game, made for One Game a Month and #7DFPS
  9. makuto

    Flicker's failed cellular lighting

    From the album: Screeny Dump

    This was a lighting routine I wrote for [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=flicker"]Flicker[/url]. I ended up removing it because it wasn't useful & was buggy, but it looks amazing in action.
  10. makuto


    From the album: Screeny Dump

    [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=gravity"]Gravity[/url] is a physics game I made with the Blender Game Engine.
  11. makuto


    From the album: Screeny Dump

    [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=flicker"]Flicker[/url] is a game I made for the 48 hour Utah Indie Game Jam. I won the Innovation category!
  12. makuto

    The Curse in dev

    From the album: Screeny Dump

    A game I made with Blender Game Engine called [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=theCurse"]The Curse[/url].
  13. makuto

    The Curse

    From the album: Screeny Dump

    A game I made with Blender Game Engine called [url="http://augames.f11.us/page.php?page=theCurse"]The Curse[/url].
  14. makuto

    Blender for making Games?

      I've been getting into Blender a lot lately, trying to learn a little bit about every part of the program. Once you start looking for how to actually use it, you find that Blender is like an iceburg - there's even more underneath. It's incredible how much you can do with that program. I've heard the built-in video editor rivals editors completely dedicated to video editing!   Also, I've used the Blender Game Engine successfully on five One Game a Month Games (the other games were either board games or written in C++): Stack, Vision, Hint: Shoot, Gravity, and The Curse. Although it's essential that you know Python to make most things, the logic bricks are nice for doing anything simple very quickly (if you don't have to write a script, then don't write a script). It is really nice to have a smooth workflow like the BGE because everything is integrated. I'm used to pure C++ & compiler, so this was a very refreshing feeling!   Although the engine might not seem like much, once you use it you'll find it's very powerful & intuitive. At the very least you can use it to make very rapid 3D prototypes.   I've also been entertained by the thought of using it for a high-school level course on computer science, game development, 3D modelling, and animation. Everything is integrated & you can get results fast enough that it seems more like play and less like work, which would help students stay motivated.
  15. I've finished all twelve games for One Game a Month! http://www.onegameamonth.com/makuto9
  16. Just finished a Bezier Curve implementation on my TI-84 calculator. It's way more fun to program on my calculator than pay attention during math class!
  17. makuto

    Amusing glitch gallery

    LOL, time travel was definitely involved! Let's see if I can clone the repo at that time and see what was wrong...   UPDATE: I couldn't get the code at that period in time, but it was probably unrelated to not erasing the screen due to the way I always start projects. I'm pretty sure all of it was drawn every frame!   I tried to reproduce it editing only the settings, but I believe it may have been a bug in the code when I made the settings configurable from file. Here's the original spritesheet if you want to see it. I don't think it's possible to draw this without redrawing the image at least twice per frame, so the screen might not have been updating (although that wouldn't make too much sense because every time I update the window I clear it; it's impossible to not to with my API).   If you really want to know, check out the repo  (tester working and animation working code; use history in top right to see older code; the bug happened April 10 at 7:44 AM) and figure it out yourself :)
  18. makuto

    Amusing glitch gallery

    I'm a little late, but here's my first 2D animation program:   This is the intended result:     If you look at the time (7:44 AM on glitch, 7:40 AM on working), I actually glitched it up after I was finished with it (must've been the pink background, holding everything together like a bro)
  19. Mainly just that I wanted alignment via grid in a roguelike style, and there's no reason to update logic every frame (because things only happen every 0.25sec). Now that I think about it, I could've updated everything every 0.25, and had 4 FPS, because it didn't really matter.   I'm trying to figure out how I want to separate the updating. Should I have two update functions & component lists, then two object manager updates that update each respective one? That would allow me to dynamically choose which update section each individual component can use, but it is a little complex.
  20. I don't know if this helps you, but here's my implementation. I used C++ and the STL, and you can check it out in action on the first game I made with it. My implemented components are here, and the object spec files are here.   It was a little annoying to grab other components as well as limited in that I couldn't have separate update times (like render and take input every frame, but only move every 1/4 second etc.). It's also annoying to have to use the same template every time, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (for example, I will soon be able to prototype completely new objects via the CLI)
  21. makuto

    Which version is better?

    What I mean by iterating is keep finding problems with the game and fixing them. Check out my article on the process of game development.   It has potential, and I like how the level two ships have those unique follow projectiles (and it's good that they look different as well, so you do not expect them to be like the others), but I think it's a little difficult. Have more people playtest it to get the difficulty right (I have yet to get past level 2). Most of my games end up being pretty tough as well, so it's a pretty common problem . Now, you might want it to be the kind of game that is really tough, and in that case it's OK.   The next level triangle ship thing is confusing because I think it is an enemy, so I try to avoid it and shoot it. Maybe it isn't necessary?   In any case, keep playtesting and improving!
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