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    12 Tricks to Selling Your Ideas, Your Game & Yourself

    Awesome article, I definitely got "closed"!
  2. Thanks, Please let me know what areas could be improved.     Good point, I think this could be an article on its own but I'll try to add more info here     Seems this technique is what most compiled Asm.js code use. By using int for storage enables browsers to convert code directly into assembly and it also gets rid of GC. I don't know if its true outside of Asm.js domain but using int is generally faster than strings or objects.
  3. SacredPixel

    Animation Blending

    wow! :)   So for best possible transitions we must have intermidiate animations that's triggered in right time. I think I'll have to use the second approach more to reduce the number of intermidiate animations that have to be created.   Thanks again for your time haegarr, much appreciated!
  4. SacredPixel

    Animation Blending

    Thanks haegarr for your explanation. Yes I'm using weighting formula like yours:   ( 1 - w ) * A1 + w * A2   I'm not sure if I stated my question correctly but what I'm looking for is to somehow transition between animations so the player doesn't notice animation change while requesting new animations (3 or more, take a look at example below). We have animation channels so separating bones for different animations isn't an issue.   Say the player character is walking and then starts running. Our current animation code would transition the walk to run animation in 300 milliseconds using the above formula to adjust the weight toward the run animation. So far so good. But the problem starts when user request another animation like crouch in middle of walk to run transition.
  5. SacredPixel

    Animation Blending

    Hello Everyone I'm working on a multiplayer FPS game that is fast paced. We have skeletal animation code in place and we can blend from one animation to other when player change actions (like changing from running animation to walking animation). However the problem is that the player can request another animation track (or any number of tracks if she/he is fast enough) while other two animations are blending. I can't simply change new animation with other two while they're still blending. My initial thoughts was to use a blending weight that takes into consideration previous animations and new one but I don't know how I could implement that or even if its correct. I really appreciate it if anyone can tell me how other games accomplish this task or any pointers in right direction. Thanks
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