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  1. Now also available from iStock, with over 1800 items ready for download! https://t.co/IRHUmXJyNI
  2. Stormwave Audio

    Where can I post my music?

    Thanks :)   For YouTube, I'd say that those would be videos as any others. If you want to optimize them for search engines, detailed and clean descriptions and relevant tags are a good place to start. There are plenty of tutorials available, by users and in YouTube Creator Academy. I don't think you need any complex visuals, your logo or simple picture should suffice. There's a dodgy topic of using art from existing games, movies etc... and though it's a common practice, it's not entirely legal.   I would also advise you to heavily promote your portfolio either way, sitting around and waiting for people to come to you most likely won't really yield much results at first.
  3. Stormwave Audio

    Where can I post my music?

    YouTube is definitely an option, in fact most of my traffic goes from there.   I'd say SoundCloud is a must too, but unlike YouTube it seems to be mostly used by "audio" people and I only use it because it hosts all the audio from my website and recently, to get some feedback through CloudKillers - http://goo.gl/EblA3P   I've seen a lot of people using BandCamp, but personally I have just a couple of tracks there and never really focused on it.   Vimeo is another option, and I've heard that it's a good one because all sorts of professionals browse it and use it.   And lastly - LastFM and MySpace, but wouldn't expect much of them :)
  4. Stormwave Audio

    Radio Chatter and Computer Voices

    I'm glad I could help!   Basically the idea was to develop a template. I had over 300 phrases to edit, which meant to save time I had to make something uniform and fool-proof enough.    These are the FX chains and key parameters for style "A". I'm just going to say it's most likely not the most efficient way and might seem like an overkill at places. It took quite a lot of experimenting before I got it exactly the way I liked. In most cases some things could probably be left out and not really make much difference, but obviously a lot depends on source material. It should give you a better idea anyway.     Layer 1   1. Transpose (-3 semitones) 2. Exciter - Drive to max, 68% Mix 3. EQ 1 - +9dB boost 500Hz - 4kHz (a slight dip around -3dB at 1kHz, with moderate Q seemed to make it better) 4. Compressor (Sonitus FX) - almost instant Attack, short Release, Ratio 7:2, Soft Knee 5. Compressor (T-Racks Classic) - Attack 30ms+, long Release, lots of Drive 6. Clipper (T-Racks Classic) - Drive 5dB+ 7. Compressor (GR5 Tube) - slow Attack, slow Release, loads of Gain 8. De-Esser (VX-64) - 2kHz, 86% depth 9. EQ 2 (VX-64) - +6dB boost at 2kHz, narrow Q 10. Low-Pass Filter (Camel Space HP2 BQ) - 10kHz, Resonance 15% 11. Clipper 2 (T-Racks Classic) - 7dB+ drive 12. High-Pass Filter - 500Hz    Layer 2   1. EQ 1 - narrow boost at 500Hz 2. Amp (GR5 Citrus) - Gain 7+, Bass 9+, Treble 4-, Presence 1 3. Compressor (NI VC2A) - lots of Gain, medium Peak Reduction 5. Compressor (T-Racks Opto Comp) - Compression 6+ 4. SoftTube Saturation Knob - half way up, "Keep Low"  5. Limiter (T-Racks Multiband) - Drive 10dB+ 6. Low-Pass Filter - 3kHz   Layer 3   1. Transpose (-1 semitone) 1. Distortion (A3 Metal Distortion) - very low "Level" and "Dist" 2. Amp (A3 Metal Lead T) - moderate Gain 3. Compressor (T-Racks Opto Comp) - Compression 3+ 4. Exciter - Drive 50% 5. Tape Emulation (Kramer Master Tape) - A bit of gain 6. High Pass Filter - 2kHz     Master Bus   1. EQ for removing all excessive resonance and generally unwanted artifacts 2. Multi Band Compressor 3. Limiter   Of course volumes between the layers had to be adjusted and I had to play with volume and automation envelopes on a couple of clips so nothing sticks out a lot. You probably wouldn't have to take care of low end that much, I used RODE NTG2 for recording and few clips suffered from proximity effect. For the DAW I used Sonar (I think it was X2 at the time), most of the modern multi-tracks would do anyway.
  5. New SFX pack featuring futuristic sounds - http://t.co/5BdGHSH7Hp
  6. Stormwave Audio

    Radio Chatter and Computer Voices

    If this is more or less the effect you are looking for -   http://www.gamedev.net/files/file/170-military-radio-voices/   (Don't mind the watermark.)   For each of the "styles" I used multiple, overlapping layers. The effect is based mostly on guitar amp simulators, namely Guitar Rig and Amplitube (both have "free" versions for you to use). The entire thing is squashed by using loads and loads of compression. Additionally, down-tuning a layer or two by 1-3 semitones seemed to enhance it dramatically. Cutting some low end and a bit of high end makes it more audible. Then it's just a matter of clearing it up with surgical EQ and sculpting it a little. Bit Crushers and additional tube saturation can also come in handy   I considered using Speakerphone, but it's hell expensive, hence my decision to do it my own way. I can dig up the archives for the specific effect chains and processes I used if you are really interested.   For computer voice, aside from the mentioned vocoder, I would also advise using a heavy ring modulator and mix it with "raw" material. A very nice effect can be achieved by using pitch correction software like Melodyne with dramatic quantization and pitch change settings. I'm not sure if there are any free alternatives or built-in tools for Audacity to achieve this though.   A few useful free plug-ins:   http://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/guitar-rig-5-player/ http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/amplitubecs/ http://illformed.org/plugins/ http://www.softube.com/index.php?id=satknob http://kunz.corrupt.ch/products/tal-vocoder http://kunz.corrupt.ch/products/tal-effects
  7. New Sci-Fi/Horror production elements - http://t.co/iD7eDWvaRJ
  8. RT @Faelourn: Belated update! Arachnid-style #monster #conceptart for @StormwaveAudio - some cool sound packs available there! http://t.co/…
  9. Another Footstep SFX Pack now live - http://t.co/uxcZkXBzIG
  10. New Footstep SFX Pack now available - http://t.co/hP8ACgXmCc
  11. And the last from this series of Monster Voice Packs - http://t.co/vVSYW1CpOP
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