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  1. [quote]and if they don't reach the target? Keep the software on their HD wasting the entire investment?[/quote] Well, thinking from a cold-bloded point of view, i guess they could whathever they want since this is a voluntary "donation" and they still abide by the conditions they put upon themselves. On the other hand, from a moral point of view we start entering in a controversial territory. Considering that some indie games are able to take five-digit investment numbers using this idea as a "scam" could earn you a place on the black spot of the video game industry for life. Assuming all of this is legal of course. [quote]I thought about doing it the other way around: Release it as paid software, until the target is reached, then open it up.[/quote] The point of this idea actually is: see below. The real point of this is that this method is imune to piracy. If the game is not available to public until the developers earned their achieved money goal there is no way to pirate it. And once released it is as equally available as any pirate leak, in fact is better from a "tinkering/modding" point of view. In fact this could not even be a game, it may be an engine with an example attached. And considering the idea of "losing control" of your creation this actually would be the whole point of the release. Well, how about that?
  2. Well, I basically had an idea and wanted to see if it is realistic from a legal point of view. Imagine that a company develops a video game, but instead of publishing it, it gives the game an "economical value" that they think is adecuate to cover the invested resources. Then they make a public donation site with the goal of earning this quantity from people who freely donate money. Once they they achieve the goal money, they release the game with an open source licence. How about it?