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    Terminate a process - FAST (winxp)

    PView.exe which ships with the Platform SDK.
  2. Wreakon

    What do you want to learn today

    mnansgar: Cool, I was trying to catch you; so you know then. I am trying to get into more advanced topics as well, but at the cost of running into advanced topics we loose general interest and I wanted to get an idea of what do people have taste for so that we can do this to 20-30 people. How would these classes be taught exactly? Voice lecturing using software like NetMeeting. What would be expected of each student? From my point of view I want students to participate. It's really hard to engage young people, not to mention over voice on a computer. So just participation helps out a lot to let us both learn. How long would we be expected to work on these assignments each week? This depends a lot on what you already know. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time getting things to work; and everyone's mileage would vary. I would expect that on average homework would take 3-4 hours a week. Last time for me doing homework would take an hour at MOST; but thats because I know how already. How long would this run for? Shooting for ~10 weeks.
  3. Wreakon

    What do you want to learn today

    I didn't have a chance to explain it well; so I will add some more stuff. I am an industry professional working with another to develop a curriculum for a class. We are going to teach a C/C++ class, and probably end up mixing in security, distributed computing, assembly, and administration technologies into the mix, and try to create a fun and enlightening experience for a period of about 10 weeks. We will do this by lecturing live, with slides, and Q&A sessions as well as projects. Our goal is to in a way give back to the community, a resource; as well as use this opportunity to learn as well. We are targeting people of all skill levels, and like last time it will be hard to deal with a very diverse set of skills. The website class.pclx.com which will be updated from time to time is meant to be used as an initial point of contact and reference while we work out a curriculum. My goals right now is to get an idea of whether there is a demand out there, as well as what the demand is for. Any other ideas welcome.
  4. See original post: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=307853
  5. Hey, I slapped together a site because we are thinking of doing another installment of free C/C++/C# classes, here is your chance to brush up for free: http://class.pclx.com/ Comments? Read more there. [Sticky if possible] [Edited by - Wreakon on March 19, 2005 7:08:11 PM]
  6. Umm, there is a proccess game developers use.... DUH? the problem is that there is no "standardized model" that transcends all companies. UML and such are fairly popular, but the pre-emininent model used for game development is the model which your lead programmer or producer tells you to do. That is your model. If you have no proccess your lead programmer is FAILING and will doom the whole team. For game companies having no models has showed itself in the quality of games produced, some games are RIDDLED with bugs (all the little kids games, makes me think developers are morons), and some games are rock solid; you can play the whole game 5 times without crashing once ex. Total Medievil War. This separates good models with bad models of development. A model contains everything, the time alloted, the amount of developers and their contribution, whether the idea is realistic and possible and so on.. UML is a stab at standardizing a small PART of the proccess, UML by no means is a development model! There is much more to it. Microsoft one of the leaders on this, their development model is well refined because they had lots of time to fine tune it. Basically it consists of four stages which are pretty much the norm: Design -> Coding -> Testing -> Production The names are a little misleading, for example Testing actually occurs AT ALL times of development. And each has a specific clearly defined task of what has to be completed to go onto another stage. UML can be used but again UML is only a piece of the pie, you can do the same by using plain paper, a whiteboard, and some pseudo-language. UML just helps you learn the proccess faster and be able to share the results easier.
  7. Wreakon

    News catches on to ten year old trends in U.S.

    Americans make their own culture.. k thx; we/they don't need no Japanese cartoons American cartoons are better. And this is coming from someone whos not American. Move to another coutry if you dont like propaganda, oh wait, all countries have biased news. Wake up and smell the roses.
  8. Wreakon

    German Firefox == adware

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by Wreakon That's the big point, if Mozilla is gonna proclaim open-source and FF as free, then it better be fucking free, and if they can't financially support themselves on that and shit their pants, well then I guess open-source model didn't work; welcome to real business. Don't fucking cheat behind the consumers back.Open Source and Free Software are not necessarily free of fiduciary cost. It's about a political freedom. Well, that's a mistake on my part to claim that all open source is FREE but point being if they need money charge for FF and keep it open-source. I am sure all the kids using FF would start crying their hearts out if that happenned and the % users would at least fall. Ominously, the issue here for Mozilla is money, and if they need money they better damn well earn it honestly. Again, if they cant it shows one failure of the open-source model OR somebody is just being very greedy. We can be glad and hope that there will be an outcry to stop these kinds of things for the better of the non-technical community who isn't in the know. Things like this could slowly crawl into every open-source software, and while this is O.K. as long as the user knows. I try to be unbiased in my writings here, and now I will turn that off and throw my 2 cents on open-source, I know off topic: Open Source can never survive the software industry without commercial software companies. Open Source can emulate but not innovate. Open Source will be the Dark Ages of technology if it becomes a dominant software development model. Software developers need money to do succesfull product design, targeting, coordination and research.
  9. Wreakon

    German Firefox == adware

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv Quote:Original post by cowsarenotevil That's some messed up logic, in my opinion. No, it isn't. Like I said, I had 3 spyware/adware programs courtesy of IE, and none when I use FF. Anyway, I think they should have been honest with that small 'ehnancement', otherwise I don't find anything innapropriate. Umm, IE didn't install any spyware on your computer, the dumbasses who built websites that exploit and cheat that you visited (probably, cracking and porno sites) installed the spyware. Now the fact that FF is doing this shit without consent is showing two things: o They are lying to us Ok, so thats not the big one, the big one is if they need money so bad go commercial! They proclaim freedom and opensource but at the cost of what? is that the future of opensource, if thats what they need to survive? Well, fuck them then, I'd rather pay Microsoft for software which the government law guarantees me to be private. If not I will can/will sue them. That's the big point, if Mozilla is gonna proclaim open-source and FF as free, then it better be fucking free, and if they can't financially support themselves on that and shit their pants, well then I guess open-source model didn't work; welcome to real business. Don't fucking cheat behind the consumers back.
  10. Wreakon

    Full Sail?

    Anyone whos in the general DigiPen area (Seattle,WA), I wanna meet some local developers, please contact me at: AIM: Wreakon MSN/EMAIL: Wreakon@hotma... Andrew
  11. Wreakon

    Free C/C++ Class

    Since the deadline has passed we are not accepting any more apps, there are already quite a few more people than we anticipated, if class size will drop then we might accept more people, right now though we can't accept anymore.
  12. Wreakon

    Free C/C++ Class

    Quote:Original post by dolphinsa987 hey i was just wonderingwhen are the confrimations emails gonna be sent out to know if we got into the class or not? We had sent out a first round of emails. Our plan right now is to allow everyone in regardless, if you do not do homework you become dropped.
  13. Wreakon

    Free C/C++ Class

    Quote:Original post by Eudes Question from a newbie : i have some interesting - i think so - ideas to make games, but i don't know at all coding in C++ ; is it hard to learn ? can we do anything with it ? Thanks for your answers. 1) Not really that hard. 2) Anything? if you mean games yes, but the amount of effort to make games is still great.
  14. Wreakon

    Free C/C++ Class

    Quote:Original post by slavik one thing I would add is that a switch statement is lot more efficient than nested if-else statements ... just something I think u should add :) Premature optimization is the root of all evil. And it applies here. Don't worry about optimization untill it's time for it.
  15. Wreakon

    Free C/C++ Class

    Quote:Original post by caledh Wreakon, You say the slides are available... but it seems like every time I click on them on the curriculum site I get a 404 page for slides1.pdf. Could you check it out? Thanks! Cale I forgot to fix it, and I can't right now, so heres the link: staff.washington.edu/andrey/cse/Slides1.pdf (Slides have DEFINITELY changed though for this course [those slides are for the first week of last course], those may be helpful otherwise) Try to move disscussion of this sort to the Invision CSE board.
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