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  1. RulerOfNothing

    Unresolved external symbol?

    Firstly, this is a linker error, not a compiler error, so the problem is in what is being passed to the linker not the compiler. Secondly, when you get a 'unresolved external symbol' error the linker is trying to connect the reference to the setSingleSlot function in the constructor code to the actual setSingleSlot function, but can't find said function. As for why moving the constructor body to the cpp file fixed the issue, does gameMaster.cpp contain code for the gameInventoryMaster class?
  2. If the subcolumns are of different widths and there is no clean relationship between the widths such as 'subcolumn 4 is twice as wide as any other column' then you'd probably have to either do it with conditions or keep a list of where the columns start and end. Also would you mind explaining why the fourth subcolumn is wider than the others?
  3. RulerOfNothing

    so where do I start? well I guess I've already started?

    I suppose the obvious question is what is your skill level in programming (both in general and in Python), but if you want to make a space simulation you should look into making simulations (not necessarily game-related) For this though, you could use py2exe to turn your python progams into executable files.
  4. RulerOfNothing

    Java questions - why doesnt this work [simple code]

    Well if you're running class test then it's obviously not going to run class Puppy. You don't need to delete either class to run the other class though.
  5. RulerOfNothing

    Java questions - why doesnt this work [simple code]

    I'm not sure why it's happening either: when I compile and run the code it outputs "Passed Name is:Blue berry" as expected. How are you compiling and running your code anyway?
  6. RulerOfNothing

    Strange bug in my text based game

    Well, without seeing what is under 'while(true)' I can't really tell what the problem is, so if you could also upload the contents of that loop that would be helpful.
  7. That's not going to solve the main problem with FAST_FLOOR, namely that it gives incorrect results for nonpositive integers (eg if x is equal to 0, it will return -1. x=-1 will result in -2 etc).
  8. RulerOfNothing

    SFML - Window is just white and frozen

    The most likely problem is that you aren't initialising the font member of the FontLoader class, and as it is a pointer to a sf::Font object it is most likely pointing to an invalid address when you call loadFont. The solution is to replace 'sf::Font*' with 'sf::Font' and the '->' with a '.', which will mean that the font member is always initialised when you construct a FontLoader.
  9. RulerOfNothing

    Is root of something is distributive?

    You are correct: sqrt(a*b)=sqrt(a)*sqrt(b), but sqrt(a+b)!=sqrt(a)+sqrt(b) (except where a or b are zero).
  10. RulerOfNothing

    SDL simple jump?

    When you say that your attempts to add gravity always fail, in what sense is it failing and how are you adding gravity?
  11. RulerOfNothing

    How to figure out if something is in the area of a circle?

    If you want to determine whether a point (tx,ty) is within a circle with its centre at (x,y) then you need to determine whether (x-tx)2 + (y-ty)2 is less than r squared (where r is the radius of the circle or what you are referring to as the range)
  12. RulerOfNothing

    SDL2/CG project stopped working

    When you say that you can't get it to work, what exactly is occurring?
  13. How I would approach this is as follows: The procedure is called on the selected tile Check if the selected tile contains a mine, if so the game is over Otherwise, make the selected tile visible and check if the selected tile has any adjacent mines If there are no adjacent mines, call the procedure on all the non-visible adjacent tiles
  14. RulerOfNothing

    Partitioning an A* 400x400 map every frame

    One obvious question here is how often the map changes. When you check for passability, does this take into account mobile objects? If not, you could probably get away with only updating the partitions whenever the stationary objects on the map change (probably just building construction/destruction, but maybe terrain modification if you are planning on including something like that)
  15. It is not necessary to use C++ to write games, and it is more than possible to write games with C# or Java. If you already have experience in using those languages I would recommend using them for your early game projects over learning C++. For graphics I would recommend using SFML if you are going to use C++ or C#.
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