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  1. LakshmiNarayanan

    Where to start?

    Hey, I've never done network programming before. I just have some minor exposure to Photon Networking in Unity, I want to know more about TCP/UDP, Socket programming etc and the pathway to learn Network programming as my major area of interest is working on a E-Sport game.   Please give me details on network programming/ where to start on network programming.   Thank you
  2. LakshmiNarayanan


    Wow amazing article ! I am trying to learn in depth about Quad trees. Can you provide the project file (or a sample project file).   Great work !
  3. LakshmiNarayanan

    Trading Card Game 101

    Hey thanks a lot everyone for giving me the input. Oh yeah I am going to try the new Unity3D beta and see the new stuff which is shipped along with it.  Hearthstone was made in Unity? Thats awesome. Right now I am still working on the paper prototyping. We are doing some changes everyday, playtesting and iterating. I have started writing basic functions for the game in Unity, but haven't gone in depth. Do you guys have any suggestions on what kind of design pattern would suit card games? (If I am not wrong Factory pattern? and singleton by default for game/sound manager?)    Thanks for the headsup!
  4. Hey guys,   I want to make a TCG and my paper prototype is in a significant stage of development. I was wondeing If Unity3D would be a good choice as my experience in Game Development is working for a year in Unity3D. Though I want to spend some time building my own framework, I don't think I have the luxury to do that. I do have some time and money constraint as well. I thought I would start the game in Unity3D with the TCG Tool Kit.   Please let me know if this is the best option or if there is any other Engine (Exclusive for TCG) that would save my time.         Thanks, V.Lakshminarayanan
  5. LakshmiNarayanan

    Unity3D Multiple Devices Compatiability

    hey thanks a lot , Yes i was very careless.. I forgot that my previous build didnt include the "intro video" which was around 26 mb. Fortunately I was able to compress it to 12 Mb.. so my build size is around 90 now :) :D
  6. LakshmiNarayanan

    Unity3D Multiple Devices Compatiability

      Hey, Yes I tried hard on Unity3D forums but looks like I wasn't lucky enough to get some tips there.  Now Ill go through the links you've provided and Ill get back and post here the update,   Do u know what all the aspects that affect the build size?  Like quality settings/ texture compressions and lightmaps?  My build was 75 Mb yesterday, i did some changes in Quality settings/ texture compressions and lightmaps ... and my build size came to 105 mb. Please help me on this as well..also let me know what are all the aspects that can affect the build size... stripping levels didnt help me much.   Thanks a lot again
  7. LakshmiNarayanan

    Game Engine for card game

    Use Unity3D , get accustomed to game dev (It supports 2D now) and then move to Cocos2d
  8. Hi,   I have created a game using Unity3d for Ipad3, but I am not able to make it run on IPAD2, but it runs on devices in android like Galaxy tab7/ tab 10 etc.   I would like to know about the following:   1. How to increase/decrease the resolution of a group of Images used in the tab based on the device we use.(Ipad2/ipad3) 2. What are the things we should check when deploying a multi platform game. 3. presently we use the Unity Version control to manage the android game, but is it possible to use 1 Project overall for both android and iOs? 4. currently we feel that exporting anything from the iOs pack to  the android project gives us issues on GUI placement hence I need to re work on GUI if I export it into Android, is there any solution for that? . (I am not using NGUI or any GUI tools as of now)       Thanks in advance guys !!  
  9. Hey guys, We have  created a 3D world game using Unity and is working successfully on iPad 3 but laggs terribly on Galaxy Tabs. The response to touch input is very buggy, We spent a lot of days trying to fix a lot of thigns, the tris and verts are well under the limits. I want to make sure my game doesn't lag on lower end devices and works fine on Android devices. Could anyone please tell me which API level I should use by default in Android SDK and in the buildsettings? . is there any specific build settings for Android in Unity?     Thanks :D
  10. LakshmiNarayanan

    Math for Game Developers: Quaternions

    Thanks a lot :)
  11. LakshmiNarayanan

    XNA Battleship Network Multiplayer Game help

      Hi its not like that , i've finished 2 projects already I aksed that question because I wanted to know if i did it the right way Anyway pls leave that , Do let me know how do i create a 2D matrix grid for this game 
  12. LakshmiNarayanan

    XNA 4.0 Help

    Sure add me lakshminarayanan.raghavan@gmail.com and give me a ping. Imy timing is +5:30. Will be free except 2pm to 6pm IST ... m doing my 3rd project in XNA now....:D I can help u a little 
  13. Hey guys, I am planning to code a battleship game for my network module. Turn based 2D game. I would like to know if creating a 2D grid and placing the sprites on it is the best way to do it ? if so, pls give me some link so I can learn about it . Do give me some tips/ inputs in creating this game in general as well. 
  14. Hey guys , after going thru the initial learning about how things work back in novemeber, i thought i ll join up certification classes as it might be of a little help 1 Thing i learnt is that C++ is NOT the cup of tea for game programming beginners. (I learnt C , C++ java all in my Bachelors degree (Computer Sci Engg) thats like basic + a little of advanced of theoretical knowledge and not much exp into high level coding) Ok so i rounded it off to .NET and Java, Right now my aim is to learn a language which i can use it for game programming in future and my plan would be is to complete this course (work for a year in some software company mostly) and then do my PG in Computer Science Engg (which willl strengthen my programming skills as well as its very cheap compared to game programming courses and i dont find much difference as game programming companies hire "programmers / with exp" and getting a degree in Game Prog is not really of that an edge for the fees we pay for . So my idea is to take up .NET now get certification and then do an Certification in android as well , m i making the right step, ill be doing PG / MS in computer science soon and hopefully get placed in a game company one day !
  15. LakshmiNarayanan

    New To gamedev, Doubts

    Hey, thanks a lot , im gonna start off with C#.XNA and lol i did have a plan of making a game for final year project , probably an android app or something but then that was 2 months back, i changed my mind n started loooking into ieee papers
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