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    Where to start?

    Hey, I've never done network programming before. I just have some minor exposure to Photon Networking in Unity, I want to know more about TCP/UDP, Socket programming etc and the pathway to learn Network programming as my major area of interest is working on a E-Sport game.   Please give me details on network programming/ where to start on network programming.   Thank you
  2. LakshmiNarayanan


    Wow amazing article ! I am trying to learn in depth about Quad trees. Can you provide the project file (or a sample project file).   Great work !
  3. LakshmiNarayanan

    Trading Card Game 101

    Hey thanks a lot everyone for giving me the input. Oh yeah I am going to try the new Unity3D beta and see the new stuff which is shipped along with it.  Hearthstone was made in Unity? Thats awesome. Right now I am still working on the paper prototyping. We are doing some changes everyday, playtesting and iterating. I have started writing basic functions for the game in Unity, but haven't gone in depth. Do you guys have any suggestions on what kind of design pattern would suit card games? (If I am not wrong Factory pattern? and singleton by default for game/sound manager?)    Thanks for the headsup!
  4. Hey guys,   I want to make a TCG and my paper prototype is in a significant stage of development. I was wondeing If Unity3D would be a good choice as my experience in Game Development is working for a year in Unity3D. Though I want to spend some time building my own framework, I don't think I have the luxury to do that. I do have some time and money constraint as well. I thought I would start the game in Unity3D with the TCG Tool Kit.   Please let me know if this is the best option or if there is any other Engine (Exclusive for TCG) that would save my time.         Thanks, V.Lakshminarayanan
  5. LakshmiNarayanan

    Math for Game Developers: Quaternions

    Thanks a lot :)
  6. [quote name='Shrikky']Are u the Mousesports JohnnyR?[/quote]
  7. Are u the Mousesports JohnnyR?
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